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May 06, 2013
Car loans, Credit cards and persoal loan
carseller19 Account Holder

I have been a member for over 15 years and they have provided nothing less than exemplary service. When I needed money for a new roof it was no problem. When I needed to raise the limit on my credit card they pretty much handled it right over the phone. Always looking to save members money. I had a car loan at 4.25% and they said " Hey, we can give you 2.5% do you want to switch and of course I said yes. I would highly recommend SSFCU.

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May 23, 2014
Aggravating Lack of Customer Service
Anonymous Account Holder

Having been a member with Suncoast since 1986, I was quite surprised to receive a letter today saying they were placing "restrictions" on my account.  They were suspending my ATM deposit privileges and would remain this way for a minimum of one year.  At the end of that year, I could request in writing to have these restrictions removed.  When I called to find out what was going on, I was told "Oh, that was just an informational letter. We need you and your husband to come in and have your ID's scanned to have on file."  I asked when they had sent me a notification that they needed this.  We have had several loans with them and go in on a regular basis and show our ID's for transactions, never a word about needing to have the ID's scanned.  The representative told me they had not sent a notice, they were counting on the letter "restricting" my account to prompt a phone call and get the information.  Really????  Way to go guys. Great way to leave a lasting impression.

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Jun 06, 2017
people are friendly and professional. I
Anonymous Account Holder

Very high  CD ratres.

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May 24, 2017
MissLiss5517 Account Holder

The service is really terrible.  I was charged errenous fees but received no help when calling in.  The one visit I made to a branch to deposit rolled coins, I was turned away!  I applied for a credit card (with a credit score over 700) and was denied!  I recomend GTE.  They are so nice and have helped me with a credit card with a generous limit.

I'm closing my accounts with Suncoast today and I would really recomend anyone interested in joining a credit union, look elsewhere!

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May 19, 2017
Elementary1959 Account Holder

take your money out!!! Don't trust them! I am a teacher and SFCU always advertised they help teachers! Liars! I had a mortgage...divorce... Foreclosure! They would not help me at all. Took me to court to get their money. Will not work with you. Go to Bank of America!! Amazing company.

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May 06, 2017
Unwrittn Account Holder

I've been with this company for more than 16 years and their service has gone WAY DOWNHILL since they became public.  I pulled out a $25k HELOC on a home appraised at $329K and it took them 4 months to close!  And the only reason I finally got to close on the loan was because I told them to cancel it - I was tired of jumping through hoops!  They kept demanding that deceased people come to the closing to prove I was the owner of the home - MY NAME WAS ON THE PROPERTY!!  And then they cancelled the loan because I left the home temporarily while repairs were being done.  I called - they apologized.  Then I switched ** Insurance and it took them months to tell me they didn't get the policy - cancelled again!  Called again!  And now I'm getting letters letting me know I'm ahead on my payments so I'll be paying $____ in interest for the amount of time I'm ahead.  Like I'll forget there's interest on the loan?  Or they're afraid I won't pay that part?  I finally stopped arguing with them and let them cancel the loan - this time it's because they didn't get a declaration page on time....took them several months to notify me.  

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Apr 25, 2017
Very customer oriented
Cyndy1018 Account Holder

The people in the credit union are more member-friendly than a for-profit bank...I've never had any problems with the branch in Port Charlotte

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Mar 22, 2017
This is the worst bank ever!
Anonymous Account Holder

They use to be a great back you could put your money in and leave it there and when you came back it would be there .  I have been a member since I was 16 I loved it till the change they said hardly anything would change but here I am. It is no longer a bank I would use if you try and save money they try and steal it and lie to you. I plan on leaving this bank the first chance I get. They did my grandma very wrong and I am all about family so you do one wrong you so use all wrong. 

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Jan 28, 2017
Low Interest Rate, Zero Customer Service
Anonymous Account Holder

There is no customer service and the individual branches have no responsibility to pick up their phones. To get anything done you've got to go the CEO and or his Regional Vice Presidents. Interest Rates are very good, but service and stress of trying to communicate makes it almost not worth being a member.  There is No Reason the Credit Union should have such poor detached employees.  I'm assuming they are all paid very poorly and or they wouldn't be so indifferent, rude, curt, and indifferent.

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Oct 07, 2016
Expect nothing and still be disappointed
Anonymous Account Holder

This credit union has no partner locations so if you travel or move expect 0% from these guys. Customer service is 0 trying to get them to do anything over the phone is a joke.

We are trying to buy a house in another state and every time we need to transfer money they have an "issue" and need to "call us back" but when asked what the problem actually is it magically works and they can send through the transfer. To be clear we informed the bank before we went out of state we would be going out of state and buying a house and needing to do these things.

Now I could have the keys to my new house today (friday) but to to this banks tranfer system we now have to wait till tuesday. And had to fight to get them to do thier jobs. If I could rate this bank a 0 I would.

I wish these were the first problems we had with them. We have been lied to on multiple ocasions by employees both over the phone and in branch locations. Lied to about availablbility of funds and when called on it, we were told it was too late we already deposited it sucks to be us. The managers didn't even do anything when we were lied to in front of her in a location.

TLDR: go to another bank, they lie and have "problems" that magically fix when questioned.

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Sep 23, 2016
Only bank to approve a Credit Card
Anonymous Account Holder

They're the only bank/credit union so far approve me for a Credit Card even with me having 0 credit history, I wasn't approved for a loan sadly but a Credit Card is better than nothing. In comparasion to other Banks their website is primitive and clunky, and lacks a lot of "key" features that you'd see most nation wide banks have either on their website or the phone app. I hope they improve their systems and I hope to bank with them for a long time.

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Sep 10, 2016
Don't deal
olbulyy Account Holder

What does corporate office do about this place ? The staff are rude they have no GOOD skills at all. I am defiantly going to complain about this location to someone higher. going to close my account for a 100% always something going on. i am always stressed . which if should be stress free. they make so much mistakes  

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