Summit CU Reviews
May 19, 2017
The Wells Fargo of Credit Unions

We have been members for about 20 years and will always be credit union members, this however is no longer a credit union.  Twice in the past two weeks now they have stolen money from our account in for form of overdraft fees.  Last week they took out $75 in fees to put us negative about $45 (the math doesn't add up I know).  Even after they "graciously refunded" those fees it immediately brought the account positive.  So you can imagine my shock when they did it again.  Only this time an overdraft fee was assessed on our account to give us an ending balance of positive $26 (again I know, then why the fee).  This time when it was brought to their attention they refused to refund this theft because I would not accept their reasoning for taking it in the first place.  This is a huge money grab and for a credit union that "serves" it's members, the only thing happening around there lately is stealing from it's members. 

***If you have an account with them, check your ledgers

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