SECU Maryland Reviews
Oct 06, 2016
Stop making me activate new debit cards!

I like using a credit union rather than a bank, and I appreciated the low interest rate I got on my auto loan from SECU. However, for the second time in less than a year they've forced me to activate a new debit card. This is a major hassle because it means that I have to contact every single merchant and utility company that I use my debit card with to update my information. Even more annoying is that they shut off my card BEFORE the new one is activated with minimal notice (e.g., a single phone message less than 24 hours before shutoff - nothing in the mail, no other advance notice). SECU has provided no explanation for why I have to waste my time constantly updating my information or worrying that my debit card is suddenly going to stop working. I can see having to switch it once for security reasons, but twice??? In less than 12 months?? Super annoying!

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