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State Employees Credit Union of Maryland (SECU)

1.4 out of 5 stars
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Application Process

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Customer Service

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Nov 22, 2016
Worst credit union
Anonymous Account Holder

The employees are poorly trained and do not understand customer service or banking. They "peopleless" deposit system and ATM do not work. The employees are rude, totally unknowledgeable. Absolute worst service next to Bank of America. I desperately wanted to like the people and the bank but they are so inefficent and make mistake one after the other. Nothing works, literally nothing. From day one until I closed my account three months later. Utterly incompetent. 

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Oct 06, 2016
Stop making me activate new debit cards!
Anonymous Account Holder

I like using a credit union rather than a bank, and I appreciated the low interest rate I got on my auto loan from SECU. However, for the second time in less than a year they've forced me to activate a new debit card. This is a major hassle because it means that I have to contact every single merchant and utility company that I use my debit card with to update my information. Even more annoying is that they shut off my card BEFORE the new one is activated with minimal notice (e.g., a single phone message less than 24 hours before shutoff - nothing in the mail, no other advance notice). SECU has provided no explanation for why I have to waste my time constantly updating my information or worrying that my debit card is suddenly going to stop working. I can see having to switch it once for security reasons, but twice??? In less than 12 months?? Super annoying!

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Jul 19, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

I've received misinformation from this credit bureau twice and have only been involved with them for 5 months. It was explained to me outright when I opened an account that I would have until the 15th of the month to make a payment without penalty, but they stamp a delinquent notice with the 11th and send it out threatening to report me if I dont pay by the 15th. I understand they want their money, but after the first infraction you are ready to report me?  This is the first company I've ever been involved in where I could tell up front how little they care for their client's business. Once this auto loan is paid off I'll never be a part of this bureau again. Please avoid this place at all costs, I almost feel like I signed up with Verizon again.

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Apr 18, 2016
Horrible has gotten worst over the years
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been a member since the mid 1970's and customer service has really gotten bad over the past 8-10 years.  Just got off the phone with a young lady who was hostile and argumentative.  With so many other Credit Unions available, SECU has just lost a long standing member.  I would suggest to the Board that they take a long hard look at how the SECU is currently being run.  One other issue, SECU has make it almost impossible for those in rural areas to do any banking with them.  The mobile van unit was curtailed and now all the SECU ATM's have been removed.   I am not driving over an hour away just to reach a branch location.

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Feb 16, 2016
this banks is up to no good!!!
Anonymous Account Holder

My husband and I on my mother in laws account.Her health has not been good for the past few years so we have started handling her finances.She called my husband and I in tears telling us that someone called her from SECU and told her that she had a $8.500 dollar loan threw them that she had not started any payments on and if she didn't give them at least $160 that they were going to freeze her account and lock her out of and close it out and she said she never took out any loan for $8.500 that the only loan she had recently had threw them was an auto loan but that had been paid off. Suspecting a scam I asked for the number that called her so I could speak with them to see to see what was going on. Called the # and I got a recording saying they were SECU debt collection division that they were now closed but to leave my name, account #, and SSN on the recording and they would call back during normal buissness hours. Just from this place wanting her to leave that kind of information on a recording alone I wrote it off as a scam but now fearing scam people had her info we wanted to put temporary hold on her account from anything electronic being withdrawn from it.Tried to call customer service about the issue all they told us (in a very snippy and unhelpful tone)was that they don't do temporary holds that we either had to come in and fill out a stop payment form or close out the account!!! And for both we would have to come into the SECU branch (closest SECU branch from were my husband and I live is over an hour away!!!) Looking over her bank statements we noticed on top of some strange activity that there had been a $8.500 line of credit on her account (which she never remembered taking out) Went to the branch for answers with her statement and they were just as unfriendly and unhelpful as the customer service # we called!!! They acted totally unconserned about the wired stuff and her bank statment and told us she had taken out an $8.500 line of credit for overdraft protection that it had all been used up and that she owed them $8.500 + interest and that she had not paid one dime back towards that line of credit that she needed to start making her first payment by the 15th of the month and that the minimum payment was $160 and that we better pay it now because she was already behind a month (they made it quite clear all they cared about was getting there money!!!!) When my husband and I tried to ask more questions about other things on her statement and how long ago she had taken out this line of credit they got very snippy with us and refused to answer any questions. We asked to see copy's of when she singed for this line of credit and how long ago it was and they told us the only thing they could do is mail it to us ( it never came in)!!!!Yesterday I decided to take another look at her statements and I discovered that on the 15th of every month SECU has been taking out a withdraw of $160 from her checking for her line of credit account and I have only gotten as far back as 2013 on her statements but they were withdrawing the $160 even then so she has been paying $160 a month towards the line of credit account for at least 3 years that we know of right now after they told us she had not paid a dime on it. We even had asked them if this was overdraft protection shouldn't she only pay back what was used and once a deposit went it they money would get paid back and they told us that they do not deduct from deposits made to her account that she was responsible for making sure it got paid back but I have the proof right here that they flat out lied to us!!!! We also can not find or get them to show us any proof of were she agreed to this over draft protection line of credit so we will be fighting this!!!!! This bank needs to be investigated!!!!

SOMTHING IS NOT RIGHT WITH THIS PLACE!!!!!They really rub me the wrong way.

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