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Aug 10, 2016
Charges $10 for an online pament!
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This loan was the only company in 2011 that would finance the 2008 Mazda I purchased with $3500. down.  Interest rate was almost 24%! After two years of perfect on time payments I lost my job and called them to see if they could put one of my payments on the end of the have to apply for this and they never really let you know, you just have to keep calling, well finally a few weeks later they decided to tell me I was denied but had no reason why and this is AFTER my payment was due.  Customer Service is terrible, charging to make a payment online is ridiculous, and when the car ended up being totaled, Geico sent them the pay off amount immediately, in the beginning of the month, well it won't show as being paid off until the end of the month and then I have to wait until the end of the 2nd month for them to send to the credit bureaus so I can finance a new car.  So basically, I have to wait two months to buy a new car because there is no way I am paying that amount of interest again.  I am steadily working to improve my credit score and by the way, I was driving the car for a MONTH before I knew if they were giving me the loan or not, that was scary!  

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Apr 24, 2017
home improvement
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Process was fast and easy, very friendly associates

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