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Jan 03, 2015

I was not qualified, and cannot understand why.   I have no mortgage, few bills other than utility bills.  I will re apply soon and if turned down will question as to why.  I have checking/savings accounts with them with combined balances exceeding required amounts to qualify for $10 each account monthly.

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Dec 07, 2014
Sovereign Bank update
courier1 Borrower

Sovereign Bank is no longer listed under that name. It is now listed as Santander Bank. All of the features and ratings remain the same for me. If anything some are better. A new free checking account has been introduced called "Extra 20" checking.

I have used this feature and in fact the bank deposits $20.00 every month if certain easy to meet requirements are met. So faor I have had $260 dposited in my savings account  ( $20 every consecutive month). woth out any extra effort.

I also have "HELOC" as well as a savings and small business account at Santander.

In all cases includung customer service at the Rhode Island branches i have use as well as corporate customer service my 5 STAR rating still applies.

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Dec 07, 2013
Very satisfied!
courier1 Borrower

I have had a HELOC account at Sovereign Bank (now Santander) for about five years. Also, I have checking accounts, and anoverdraft protection account, This banl has provided outstanding customer service on line and on the phone. I have paid almost ne fees over the ten years I have been a customer there. The interest rates on my accounts, where they apply, have been the lowest I have been able to find anywhere.

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Feb 16, 2013
Troubleed bank
43a Borrower

Any one who like to invite headache go to Sov bank

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Apr 21, 2013

hahahaha, seems they have your neck. do you have a loan with them?

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