South Carolina FCU Reviews
Sep 09, 2016
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South Carolina Federal Credit Union is not for the working class.  I have always been part of a credit union because they see their customers as people not just an account number.  I was a single mom who made $45,000 a year, a respectable living.  A few years ago in the matter of three months my house AC needed to be replaced, my transmission broke and between my three children I had over $2,000 in medical expenses due immediately.  I went to SCFCU to apply for a short term loan since I do not like credit cards.  However, I was denied.  Since I had over $7,000 in expenses that needed to be paid, I was forced to open a credit card.  I am now just coming out from under the burden of credit.

I still kept my account open with the bank since I did not have the time or energy to worry about switching my bill pays, direct deposits and such.  My frustration began to mount when I was being charged a $36 overdraft fee which was a mistake on the banks part.  I had confirmation that a cancelled payment was in fact cancelled, but they didn't honor the cancelled bill pay until 24 hours later, resulting in a overdraft fee which they refused to refund.

The final straw came when I updated my account six months ago to my married name.  However, when they issued new cards and statements it still have my previous name, therefore leaving their methods of accessing my account unattainable.  

Today when I cancelled my account, they operated like a big business bank.  Apologetic, not owning up to the mistake of my name, etc.  I am glad I am no longer part of your bank, and I will  be sure to tell everyone I know how SCFCU is not in it for the working class.

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