Service CU Reviews
Jan 14, 2017

I have Navy Federal (Love it), USAA (Great), Community Bank (Neutral) accounts.  Service Credit Union (No thanks) by far has the worse rates, restrictions, and policies for customers.  The only reason I have it, its the only "easy" option while stationed overseas to bank on and off base (+1 star for that).  Never tried their customer service via phone or online, however the tellers at the bank are nice and helpful (+1 star).  They seem to be loaded to care for security (+1 star) but seems to get into the way of functionality sometimes.  Their online site feels old and they have fees that my other banks don't seem to have.  They charge you $1 everytime you want to transfer money to a German account (-1 Star).  $7.50 everytime you want to do a US to US bank transfer (NavyFederal and USAA are free) (-1 Star), I can use an inconvenient process that Service Credit Union has setup via PopMoney (-1 Star).  Their loans are very restrictive, luckly I had options to use Navyfed or USAA (-1 Star).  I can't wait until my time overseas here is done to dump all my Service Credit Union accounts.  I only bank with them because there are no other options, I feel like I'm being taken advantadge of compared to the services I get from NavyFederal and USAA (-1 Star).  With NavyFed and USAA, I never felt that I was being restricted in how I wanted to use my money, I guess if you do not have any bank to compare too, Service credit union is fine, but having experienced other banks out there, this is by far a bank that would rank at the bottom of my list.     

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