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Feb 23, 2016
I hope I never have to leave!!
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I have had Service Credit Union for a little over 3 years and I have received EXCELLENT service the entire time. I don't even know what my credit score was when I first opened an account with them, but I do know that i had negative remarks on my banking report from past issues with Bank of America AND Wells Fargo. They let me open an account anyways, but I had a 10 day hold on checks and was not allowed to Courtesy Pay. Over the last 3 years, I've managed the accounts responsibly, they've lifted those restrictions and even given me an emergency loan when my paycheck was $500 short what it should have been. I Courtesy Paid right before I left Germany, I was moving back to the States and to Alaska to start a different job (I was a civilian employee of the DoD when I lived in Germany), and it took the Direct Deposit awhile to get started from my new job. They let me turn that Courtesy Pay into a loan as well, and I paid it off over 6 months. As much as I travel both domestically and internationally, I've never had any issues. Their customer service is AWESOME and I miss being able to have a branch closeby, but I can bank with any of their co-op branches, and they are everywhere! I cannot recommend them highly enough!!!

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