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Jul 19, 2017
Hidden fees on top of hidden fees!!!!!!
Anonymous Account Holder

This is the worst bank I've ever had. They force you to have it when stationed in Germany. It's the worst bank I've had for fees. They charge you for EVERYTHING even using their own atm that's connected to the bank. The only other option we had was BOA so we went with them thinking it would be ok because they are a "credit union". Nope they nickel and done you to death. They have the WORST conversion rate. If you can avoid them please do so at all cost. We have great credit and they still manage to screw you over any way they can. They should be shut down. Can't wait to be able to go back home and close our accounts.

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Jun 03, 2017
fees and limited money access
armyguy70 Account Holder

As a NH resident where they are from and military member, I thought I'd give them a try a few years ago. I also have USAA accounts and my only real complaint with them was the lack of local branches, hence the trial run. After starting a basic account I quickly found that their rates were always significantly worse than USAA (and my other accounts wit Citizens and TD bank). In one case they turned me down for a car loan when I have very good credit and every other bank not only approved me, but with excellent rates. So, experiment ended, I soon closed the account and moved on. Now, a few years later upon a PCS to Germany I decide to give them another try since they have branches in country. So far I have found that they nickel and dime you with fees for every service, consistently have the worse Euro conversion rates, even though they are staffed by Americans, take both German and US holidays off, have no where near the convenient hours that they have stateside, and on top of it all limit your access to money like you are in a 3rd world country. With weekly spending limits on their VPAY card (only 1k Euro per week!) taht they charge you for and per day branch limits of 3000Euro, which makes it pretty darn hard to do things like buy a car, furniture, or pay deposits on housing without the hassles, lead times, and additional fees of doing wire transfers, they are neither a bargain nor a convenience. By far the worst credit union - which supposedly at least nominally have they customers/owners best interests in mind.

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Mar 01, 2017
Extra Unknown Charges
Anonymous Account Holder

Service Credit Union has great customer service, but their accounts are terrible. I signed up for an account that had no minimum balance and no monthly fees, yet here I am almost a year later and they are all of a sudden now taking $10 out of my account each month. No warning, no call, no email. Nothing. I contacted them and was informed that it was because I did not have a minimum balance of $1500 in my account. I am a college student and chose the no minimum account balance for a reason. My account will be closed as soon as possible and I will be opening an account with a different bank. They also do not have locations across the country. My account was opened in Germany, I moved to Florida, and there are no banks here.s

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