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May 13, 2015
Going downhill
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Daniel Wright (probably spelled wrong) is assistant manager at the Eugene Division street branch. I brought in $30 in coin. They use to take my wrapped coin then once last year I used their machine in the lobby. This morning I was told me I'd have to use the machine - even for that small amount. Ms. Wright then proceeded to create a confrontational issue with me - the long time customer. I was given various vain reasons - "it takes too long to count by hand (no one was in the line)", "our teller's draw can't hold all the coin", etc. She told me they can't be inconvenienced but had no problem inconveniencing me - a senior - expecting me to drive miles out of my way to one of their branches that had a machine.

Eventually she gave in when I said "Guess I should consider having my Social Security check deposited into my Ally bank account". Whalaa - suddenly they had the time to count it (took about 2 minutes) and the space in their facility to store it.

SELCO, at least the branch on Division, has gone downhill. Too sad too - all because of a assistant manager desperately in need of basic customer interaction skills.

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