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May 13, 2015
Going downhill
DavidInEugene Account Holder

Daniel Wright (probably spelled wrong) is assistant manager at the Eugene Division street branch. I brought in $30 in coin. They use to take my wrapped coin then once last year I used their machine in the lobby. This morning I was told me I'd have to use the machine - even for that small amount. Ms. Wright then proceeded to create a confrontational issue with me - the long time customer. I was given various vain reasons - "it takes too long to count by hand (no one was in the line)", "our teller's draw can't hold all the coin", etc. She told me they can't be inconvenienced but had no problem inconveniencing me - a senior - expecting me to drive miles out of my way to one of their branches that had a machine.

Eventually she gave in when I said "Guess I should consider having my Social Security check deposited into my Ally bank account". Whalaa - suddenly they had the time to count it (took about 2 minutes) and the space in their facility to store it.

SELCO, at least the branch on Division, has gone downhill. Too sad too - all because of a assistant manager desperately in need of basic customer interaction skills.

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Dec 01, 2014
No Complaints
Anonymous Account Holder

I've been with Selco for almost 10 years and I have yet to complain about them. They have been nothing but understanding and flexible with any issues I might have. My parents are also long time Selco members and prefer Selco over their other "Big Bank." I can't ask for a better way to manage my money and I really enjoy their online banking setup. It's much easier to navigate than my other bank. My only wish is that there were more locations because I too travel a bit, but still nothing to complain about.

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Sep 19, 2013
Longtime Member happily with SELCO
Anonymous Account Holder

After reading the only review on this credit union, I felt compelled to write mine. Ying to the Yang.

I've been with SELCO since the early 1990's when I relocated to Oregon. They've been with me through a multitude of life changes; from singledom, to married, to divorced. They have worked with me constantly with my changing needs during our banking relationship for near 20 years. All with positive results and high satisfaction on my part. Would I refer them? Absolutely and have for many years. 

My fiance needed a consolidation loan due to medical bills of his son. I suggested he talk with SELCO, as his "big bank" said they could do little if anything for him due to a bankruptcy he had to file with his former spouse 6 years earlier. SELCO was able to find several solutions they were willing to offer him, and at reasonable interest rates. He's happy with them today, and now all of his accounts are with them.

The only down side I've experienced is the availability of branches outside of Eugene. However, since they are on a network with other credit unions, ATM access and avoidance of ATM fees have not been an issue as I travel the Willamette Valley quite frequently. Their mobile app and online access is also thumbs up; even allowing mobile deposits with no fee.

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Jun 13, 2013
Anonymous Account Holder

I've been a Selco member for 4 years with a checking & savings account & a Visa card. I made the mistake of mentioning to them that I have to file for bankruptcy. As soon as they heard that they froze all of my accounts and are refusing to unfreeze them even though my visa account is current & I haven't filed for bankruptcy. They say they have the right to do it because its in the member services agreement. What they're doing is wrong & they legally shouldn't be able to freeze your account without going to court & filing a judgement against you. Especially since my account is current & a Visa is an unsecured debt. STAY AWAY FROM SELCO - THEY'RE WORSE THAN A REGULAR BANK & DON'T CARE ABOUT THEIR MEMBERS OR THAT YOU'RE A PART OWNER IN THEIR CREDIT UNION!!!

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