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Feb 07, 2017
Whole bag of nope right here
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I was looking for flexible ATM options after moving, my previous financial instution din't have any near me. Getting access to a closer ATM is about all I gained. I had constant issues with fees. First time lesson learned: they take forever to post transactions. They will sit as "pending" for about 3 days, then they'll disappear and the money back in your account until they post that night. So if you happen to log into the app to quickly check your balance while at Walmart, don't believe what your phone tells you. Lesson 2: If you're someone who lives paycheck to paycheck (I'm supporting a family of four on my own, doing what I can - as are many!) Lesson 1 can be a real issue. At my previous institution transactions were instantly displayed, deducted from your available balance, and stayed that way until the payment finally posted. Making it easy for us day-by-dayers to easily keep track of available funds. Now I'm not horrible at math, but occassionally will be off by $1-2 while calculating in my head at the grocery store. Trying to do so with two kids chattering on is a bit challenging, to be fair. Fees are like rabbits, they multiply quickly and before you know it you're overrun. In my short time with them I accquired about $200 in fees - all from a miscalculation of under $1 based on a balance supplied by SECU which was not entirely accurate. 

Now up until that point I had totally taken the blame for my mistakes. An expensive, and unfortunate, learning curve - but I had it down. That is until my debit card number was compromised and I had nearly $200 in fraudulent charges post to my account. Of course, on the same day I had a scheduled bill payment to post. Despite my immediately notifiing SECU of the issue the payment posted, was denied, and I was charged an NSF fee. Now one might think that this point that SECU would be accomodating, or possibly even be concerned that my account had been compromised. Well, don't hold your breath! It took them four business days to finally give me a "provisional" credit after submitting their fraudulent form. I was finally able to convince them to reverse the NSF fee, which I was told was done "at a courtesy, and would be the last time they could extend this courtesy for the next 12 months". Fine way to treat someone who's been the victim of fraud, huh? On the morning of the fourth day I received an email that they would be attempting to post the returned payment again - even though they had yet to credit back the funds stolen. I immediately replied back to the BillPay department, and CC'd the Customer Service department explaining the situation and expressing my concerns that I would be charged yet another NSF fee. Thankfully the "provisional" credit and the BillPay payment both posted that night, so there was no issue. I was pretty fed up at that point, then the next morning I received an email response from both departments. NEITHER response addressed the specific concern regarding incurring another NSF fee. Further, they instructed me to complete the fraud form - which I'd already done, obvious given the "provisional" credit on my account.

Final lesson: They don't seem to actually care about their customers. I've NEVER had an experience like this before, and I have sadly had my card number compromised in the past. SECU didn't take it seriously at all, and seemed all too eager to take advantage of the situation. 

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