SECU Reviews
Apr 05, 2017
Poor training

I banked here for 10 years. I had a request to transfer funds from money market to retirement account. I asked to sign in to see a personal assistant, as i have done at other branches.

I was told to go to a teller. It took 30 !! minutes to do this, then told the account was DORMANT and needed manager over ride. Waited 5 more minutes, told it was dormant with no activity over 1 year. Well, ROTHS, usually get only one deposit annually around tax time. Lovely teller, but new. She made 3 calls to central agency to know what to do.  I asked to see manager. He said it is hard to keep staff (there were 7 tellers and only 2 working on a quiet day) and I said she had not been trained well if it took this long. He said that is just life and that they would forget if they only did one every month or so. I suggested a manual to read. He just emphasized patience. I was late to another appointment.  I closed the account because of his disrespect. He has the gall to ask "What is your job." Is that his concern?

They lost several people's investments because of poor training and lousy management.

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