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Oct 24, 2016
Very shady practices
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Beware, be very very wary of this Bank. 

1, They do no tlist on the online payment histor, nor on the monthly statementsy if an there is an upaid amount. Yet behind the scenes they tack on a "extension fee" for the upaid amount, which is als not listed any where on the online payment history, or on your monthly statements. 

2, When I inquired as to "Why a customer is not given any indication of an unpaid amoun gaining these extension fees, they could only respond with an answer about "how the system calculates it"   When I asked them, where a customer can see the unpaid amount and these fees, they're response "unfortunatey there is not a dedicated box for unpaid amounts. 

3, When I pointed out the flaw, and how it's causing a misrepresentation of what's actually due each month for the laon, their response was to offer me an alternate payment option for the fees.  And would add my "log my concern in regards to a future update" 

I really doubt this is the first someone has brough this to their attention, so my faith they will actually "update the system" is zero! Nor do I feel it's right to blindly charge people a fee when you're not many ANY attempt to make them aware it's happening, and just blaming it on "how the system calculates" yet not taking any responsiblity for this issue, nor offering to waive the fees. 

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