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May 16, 2017
They are crooks!
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I have a loan with Santander and they are absolute crooks. You can never pay on your principal. Not to mention their "inconvenience" fee of $10.95 just to make your payment! I have paid on this loan for approximatley 2 years and can't even touch the principal. They find ways to charge you more and more. I sent a payment in the mail and they signed for it on the 5th. They didn't process the payment until the 10th and then charged me more interest because it sat in their mail room and did not get processed until 5 days later causing my payment to be late. When you try to call customer service they treat you like they are better than you and just talk down to you. I will never do business with this company ever again and I reccomend staying as far away as possible. You will pay thousands in fees and interest and not touch your loan. 

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