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Jul 11, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

They have system that makes online banking confusing and their customer service phone line have no real authority to help any problem.  The worst bank I've ever dealt, I'll keep my Chase and Amex I don't care about Santander's promos it's the worst trap and I hope this Fails completely

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Jun 28, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

rates are ridiculously high

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Jun 26, 2017
Don't even consider this bank
Anonymous Account Holder

They love making things difficult for their customers. Their signup process is a breeze, but it's what follows that is the issue. They send close to 12-13 unmarked envelopes to your home after opening the account and each one needs to be opened and addressed immediately otherwise they threaten to close your account. Their customer service reps cannot help you with anything, they direct you to go to a branch which is open from 9am-5pm, so if you have a job, forget making it into the branch to talk to someone. (Who has jobs these days anyway right?) I've been just simply trying to make a payment to my personal loan at the bank and they won't let me. Ridiculous bank, not sure why it even exists, just go to Bank of America, TD, or Chase to get some good service. Maybe even consider Wells Fargo for yourself, definitely would be a better choice. 

They don't notify you of holds or other items that are important. You will have to go to the bank and ask a banking agent to find out IF you have a hold. I forgot to send in the signature card, and they never notified me, but when I stepped into the bank, they told me my account was closing because the form wasn't sent in. Terrible bank, they should have just let it crumble before the acquisition by Santander Spain. 

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Jun 14, 2017
Good customer service
Niki0429 Account Holder

There are no local branches for me (Midwest) but opening an account online was quick and easy. Ultimately I closed it because I was trying to simplify my finances.

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Jun 09, 2017
Worst bank ever
Anonymous Account Holder

Had an Auto loan for two years, paid it off, and was told i have to wait 45 days for an overage check!!

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May 16, 2017
They are crooks!
cebollita3 Account Holder

I have a loan with Santander and they are absolute crooks. You can never pay on your principal. Not to mention their "inconvenience" fee of $10.95 just to make your payment! I have paid on this loan for approximatley 2 years and can't even touch the principal. They find ways to charge you more and more. I sent a payment in the mail and they signed for it on the 5th. They didn't process the payment until the 10th and then charged me more interest because it sat in their mail room and did not get processed until 5 days later causing my payment to be late. When you try to call customer service they treat you like they are better than you and just talk down to you. I will never do business with this company ever again and I reccomend staying as far away as possible. You will pay thousands in fees and interest and not touch your loan. 

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May 16, 2017
utter disapointment of a company
Wes2017 Account Holder

I had a car loan with these guys and from the time the dealer sent the payoff and when they got around to processing the payment it got $12 in interest. They would not wave this and told me they would continue to add daily interest until we paid the $12. What an utter disappointment companies like this exist and it should be shut down! Lastly the "customer service" does not exist, they are rude and act as if it is your fault you don't know their internal policy’s. Stay far away from these guys.

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May 15, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

They are liars. They wouldnt give you back your gap refund.. PLEASE STAY AWAY

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Apr 24, 2017
Worst Experience ever with car loan
schapman1974 Account Holder

Don't do it.  It feels like you will never pay them off.  Made payments for a year with NO principal removed.  Eneded up voluntarily returning the car bad mark on credit was my punishment for using this bank.

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Apr 04, 2017
Run far and fast
Anonymous Account Holder

If this is the only bank that will give you a loan, walk or be homeless you will be better off. They won't process your payments or payoffs then will say you are late, add fees, and still cash your check..... if you still get a loan from them after reading this you are a fool.

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