SDCCU Reviews
Sep 30, 2017

San Diego County Credit Union. Don't have any relationship with this bank. Never. They will report you to credit score agencies for their own mistakes. It happened to me. I have received a letter on Saturday afternoon that my checking account with SDCCU was closed due to the fact that it was overdrawn, and SDCCU is going to report me to credit score agency.

 When I called the bank an associate told me that money from the account was deducted for some disability insurance. I heard about tat insurance the first time in my life.

 I would never deal with this bank if I unfortunate got a car loan with there. They asked me open a checking account with them as a requirement to get a car loan. I was always $50 there since I opened it. So... Recently those $50 disappeared from the accountant for some unknown disability insurance.

I have already mentioned that I have received a letter on Saturday afternoon. So.. the bank was closed. I have to wait until Monday. It looks like an additional way to torture clients. 

 I think SDCCU is the most rude, inaccurate, and dishonest banker. Never deal with this bank.

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