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Nov 29, 2016
poor online experience
Anonymous Account Holder

It is difficult to talk to a real person, and the website is too slow.

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Sep 22, 2016
Poor Customer Service
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been with SDCCU since 1999 . I have a credit card with them that I rarely use. They arbitrarily put my account on electronic billing without notification. That would be fine except they do not send out email statements like every other credit company does. An automatic charge was made to my account without my knowledge for $9.49 . Since I do not use the card, I did not check it online and no notices were given. Two months later, I get a delinquency notice. (In the mail) That I was 2 months behind with my credit card payment of $9.49 & that they had added $26.00 in late fees. Customer service eventually credited back the late fees but it was not a pleasant experience. They now have me back on paper. Hard to believe but hey say they do not have an email notification system. 4 months later I discovered that my credit report showed a "Serious Delinquency" 2 months of missed payments (Over $9.49) When I contacted them they refused to remove it. After reading other reviews on SDCCU it appears that they really don't treat their customers very well. I recommend finding another credit union to All.

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Jun 06, 2016
Their Fraud Prevention is Criminal
Anonymous Account Holder

I've had SDCCU for over 10 years now and used to love it. They recently implemented a new fraud policy where using your debit card outside of your city of residence results in funds being declined. I've been humiliated and stranded without any other form of payment, and a card that only gets declined, despite having plenty of money in my account. After sitting on the phone for hours on end (multiple times), I was told this is their new policy, and to notify the bank whenever I plan on using funds outside of a 10 miles radius from my home. WHAT A JOKE! I can't shop online at stores outside of my city, nor can I head one town over to purchase groceries. A customer service representative suggested I apply for a credit card, because those don't get declined as often. Perfect. Pay y'all interest on a credit card since you won't let me access the money I actually have. This isn't a credit union, it's a money trap. Avoid them at all costs.

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