San Diego County Credit Union (SDCCU) Reviews

San Diego County Credit Union (SDCCU) Reviews
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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Apr 11, 2020
Worst credit union ive ever dealt with.
Ritchritchard Account Holder

I cannot express how much I absolutley hate banking with the bank. Notice how I said bank, not credit union. "Its not big banking, its better" is their motto, but it really should be, 'It is big banking, and it's just as terrible!'. I have given soooo much money to fees... sorry... I've had soooo much money STOLEN from me due to unfair fees. Dont take a #!$$ on my leg and tell me it's raining. Your a big bank. Youre an unfair big bank. You couldnt care less about me. You only care about taking my money from me by any means, and I will tell everyone I know how terrible banking with you has been.
Think I'm just being unfair or one sided... well let me tell you how awful this bank is.
- I've tried calling customer service many many times. You get put on hold for at least an hour or you can opt to get called back, which you get called back AN ENTIRE DAY LATER! seriosuly.... an entire day later. Worst customer service of any business ive dealt with.
- most of the customer service representatives are demeaning and condescending. They could give two less craps about my business.
- the app is terrible!!!! TERRIBLE!!! I've had so many times I tried to move money from different accounts or post money to my account just to be declined.... then my account overdrafts and I asks for some understanding with my problems with the app... and I get called a day later with some nobody quoting some nonsense business clause and that was the end of it. I ask for help, I get nothing.
*credit union???? Hilarious. Call yourselves a big bank and stop lying to everyone.
- the ATMs are super outdated and crash often. I've banked with them for over 6 years and I've had atms malfunction over 10 times.
*where's the money going you're stealing from me? The stupid sport arena games? Fix your priorities and fix your atms!
-my card has been unreadable and warped so many times and I ask for a replacement and they want to charge me
*....again... big bank anyone???
-we bought a car from one of their tent sales and they messed up not once, not twice, but 3 times on correct information and it took us 8 hours of waiting to drive away with a car. 8 HOURS!!! ANNNNNNDDD! They forgot to put the licensing stickers on the car and called us to come back to get it 15 minutes onto the freeway...
*amateurs to say the least
- I lost my job a month ago due to this pandemic and, as I'm sure with everyone else, it's been a real headache calling all bills and creditors to see if I could get leanacy on due dates or late fees since I'm stuck at home and cant make money. I in turn contacted SDCCU to see if they could be lenient on my late fees and overdraft fees since I cant do much about anything right now... a day later I was quoted from some guy the stupid fine print. Not personality, no understanding... no nothing... Just a copy and paste of the fine print and that's it. So yeah. I think its pretty evident they could care less about me. They just want my money. I just got charged my third of overdraft fees since this pandemic, and it was from an accident the cashier made and I tried to ask money from a friend to venmo to cover the overcharge but it wasnt fast enough.
I have many more terrible stories about SDCCU, but it would take way longer than I already have taken. I'll let you decide for yourselves, but as for me, I would advise DONT BANK WITH THIS BANK!!!
They want your money. They could care less about you.
I found two other credit unions I really liked in San Diego with excellent customer service that heard out my frustrations with SDCCU and assured me it wouldn't be an issue with them. I would name them, but I feel SDCCU would take my comments down if I did. Honestly, Google credit unions in San Diego. Literally any other credit union is better than these guys.
Thanks for taking my money as I bought groceries and tried to pay portions of rent during this crisis! Super awesome of you! Great job! Thanks for making me feel appreciated. (Wish I could flip you all off!)

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Oct 22, 2019
Terrible customer service, worse website
noiseelectric Account Holder

SDCCU was great when I first signed up about 12 years ago but their service & attitudes toward customers has gone way down hill, especially in recent years. 
Their new web format is unusable and I can't even access my account info anymore. I can't even get past the new agreement page because there's nowhere to click agree!! 

They also started stacking overdraft fees onto every charge I made - whether or not I had sufficient funds. I called them on this and all they gave me was feeble excuses. I'll be switching banks as soon as I've repaid all of their (ahem, fraudulent) overdraft fees. 

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Oct 05, 2019
nightshark Account Holder

Happy with customer service. Online account management could use an update.

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