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San Diego County Credit Union (SDCCU)

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Nov 21, 2012
Great bank
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been with SDDCU since high school in the 90s! While their application process for loans may take longer than the big banks, their rates are great and their customer service is awesome. I highly recommend.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jun 04, 2014
Bad customer service
Anonymous Account Holder

I had my account at sdccu since 2009. I have my direct deposit as well with them. I have a visa credit card as well which the cremit limit only increased once considering the amount of money deposited into my account each month and good credit history, all thry could give me is. $3,000 credit limit, thanks but no thanks! They never offered an increase, either and will pull out your credit score each time you ask for one unlike capital 1 which looks at your payment history and base it on the monthly credit report they receive each month. I applied for a house refinance last dec 1st and the lady at the escondido blvd branh wasnt very helpful. She never return calls and basically ignored my calls the whole time. I called for a credit limit increase inquiry and the lady flat out told me she can assist me with closing my account if im not happy when all i said was i felt like we are not moving forward since my credit limit is still at 3,000. How rude! So i went to chase the same day, opened and new checking and savings, moved my direct deposit and  got offered 15,000 credit limit. There had been instances that my credit card got declined for fraud stuff when i was in la or las vegas eventhough they had been notified about the travel ahead of time, sooooo embarassing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am only giving them 2 stars for the great free checking, no hidden fees whatsoever.... Otherwise, sdccu is a bad joke! I encouraged my staff not to open accounts there..... 

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Sep 22, 2016
Poor Customer Service
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been with SDCCU since 1999 . I have a credit card with them that I rarely use. They arbitrarily put my account on electronic billing without notification. That would be fine except they do not send out email statements like every other credit company does. An automatic charge was made to my account without my knowledge for $9.49 . Since I do not use the card, I did not check it online and no notices were given. Two months later, I get a delinquency notice. (In the mail) That I was 2 months behind with my credit card payment of $9.49 & that they had added $26.00 in late fees. Customer service eventually credited back the late fees but it was not a pleasant experience. They now have me back on paper. Hard to believe but hey say they do not have an email notification system. 4 months later I discovered that my credit report showed a "Serious Delinquency" 2 months of missed payments (Over $9.49) When I contacted them they refused to remove it. After reading other reviews on SDCCU it appears that they really don't treat their customers very well. I recommend finding another credit union to All.

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Jun 06, 2016
Their Fraud Prevention is Criminal
Anonymous Account Holder

I've had SDCCU for over 10 years now and used to love it. They recently implemented a new fraud policy where using your debit card outside of your city of residence results in funds being declined. I've been humiliated and stranded without any other form of payment, and a card that only gets declined, despite having plenty of money in my account. After sitting on the phone for hours on end (multiple times), I was told this is their new policy, and to notify the bank whenever I plan on using funds outside of a 10 miles radius from my home. WHAT A JOKE! I can't shop online at stores outside of my city, nor can I head one town over to purchase groceries. A customer service representative suggested I apply for a credit card, because those don't get declined as often. Perfect. Pay y'all interest on a credit card since you won't let me access the money I actually have. This isn't a credit union, it's a money trap. Avoid them at all costs.

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May 19, 2016
ScarletCali Account Holder


Even with my horredous credit, this credit union IS, despite the negative reviews{that sound as if they were written by the same individual}, the easiest credit union with which I have ever dealt.  I was/am allowed to open accounts online with a a very minimum balance, I have the option to transfer money among accounts online, and if I get "stuck" I can open another screen/window and immediately chat with a rep. 

Inside the SDCCU locations, I am greeted as soon as I enter.  If all tellers are busy, mgmt. will frequently step in to assist.  I have had accounts for several yrs. and in two different counties and have used multpile locations.

I have never had a "long" wait - as described on other reviews for a telephone rep.

Security-wise: I am notifed immediately if there is suspicious activity on any of my accounts.

Would highly recommend.

PS : stop posting anonymously sign your negative review

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May 17, 2016
IT needs a reshift
Anonymous Account Holder

Since there is zero human contact, I rely on the internet, Internet is never up. Always in maintenance or server just down.

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Feb 25, 2016
Freaking nightmare
Anonymous Account Holder

Specific to their mortgage services - they have been an absolute nightmare. I have a modern condo where the HOA has the owners responsible for their own structures, so a standard condo policy (**-6 or "walls-in") is insufficient - you need a policy more similar to a traditional **-3 which covers the entire structure. They are completely incapable of understanding that my policy covers my structure rather than the HOA master policy. As a result, they have applied an unnecessary additional policy to my home, charging me for the unnecessary premium plus interest. Despite me (and my insurance agent!!!) providing all requested paperwork and *excruciating* detail multiple times over almost a 5 month period, they have been completely inept at every turn. Despite saying *repeatedly* that they are correcting the issue, they then stop communicating and nothing happens at all. Oh, and the insurance policies that I have in place (personal and HOA master policy) are the *exact same* policies that were in place when they originally approved my loan!! Pure insanity.

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Oct 30, 2015
terrible - go elsewhere for credit union
Anonymous Account Holder

They no longer her uphold the essence of a credit union which is to serve and partner up with its customers to create financial progress

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Aug 27, 2015
Not that bad
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been with thie bank for past three years or so. They are a decent bank. It depends on who you deal with. One time one bank official was extremely rude. On other hand, I have had good experience with another bank official who I deal with right now. So it depends who you are dealing with as well. I plan on staying with them for now.

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Feb 13, 2015
Difficult and not customer oriented
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been a member of SDCCU since 1996 - almost 20 years. At first, when I was a broke college student with no money, they were fine. Now, that I am an adult with more money and need my bank, they are pretty much worthless and make me jump through hoops like crazy.  I moved to the Los Angeles area, but kept them as my bank because everything with real banks can be done via the internet or over the phone. Well, I was buying another piece of property and needed less than $10k to be wired and instead of them agreeing to do it on the phone, I was told I need to drive down to a branch to wire the money. Or I can fill out a bunch of paperwork, go find a notary, then drive to FedEx and send it overnight. Then when they get it, if I'm lucky, they'll go ahead and process the wire. I am over 1.5 from the nearest branch with out traffic; with traffic, who knows how long it will take to get there. I have been an excellent customer and yet, they can't do this for me without me jumping through a million hoops, even though I needed the wire transfer to go through as soon as possible. In addition, everytime I leave my area and use my card, it gets blocked. I'm suppose to call the bank everytime I go somewhere. Really? I wear my big girl pants and I don't think I need to tell my bank every time I decide to take a road trip somewhere. It's none of their business frankly.  Needless to say, this is the last straw with them. Once my escrow closes, I'll be done with SDCCU and plan on becoming a member of a real bank that actually believes in working for their clients. 

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Nov 24, 2014
Credit Cards get frequently blocked
Anonymous Account Holder

They blocked my credit card time and time again with sufficient unused credit limit and funds in my account. FIrst they said its because i was out of county (mind you it was a 2 hr drive north from SD). Then it happened out of the blue for no apparent reason. Then I had to call twice in less then two weeks to confirm my purchases over the phone - mind you ... they did not supply a 24/7 number (not sure if they have one). Now it it blocked again.

All above happend within 2 month. Totally not worth the couple of dollars you (might) save.

SDCCU Customer (only for a couple more days)

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Jun 29, 2014
What is sdccu trying to cover up
Anonymous Account Holder

Looks like  what someone posted here was true:

SDCCU being sued for bank and mortgage fraud and for trying to cover it up

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