Regions Bank Reviews
Oct 21, 2016
I don't know what all the fuss is about
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I've been with Regions for nearly 2 years and haven't had issues with them "nickel and dime"ing me of my money or charging any weird fees.  My balance is always what I think it's going to be so there aren't any weird charges going on and everything seems to be going quite well.  I keep a very close eye on my money so maybe that's why I don't ever get hit with anything unexpected.

The only real complaint I've got is that they won't allow online statements for revolving loans (I can't speak to installment loans because I don't have one with them, but I do have a PLOC) and they won't let you change your mailing address online for loan products.  That seems really 80s to not allow everything to be online, and when I inquired about it I was told it was to make sure that no one can say they didn't receive their bill because they don't have online banking (not exactly a satisfactory answer considering I've walked into a branch a total of 3 times since I opened my accounts (and it was just to sign stuff after I opened the accounts online), but whatever).  If getting a piece of paper in the mail every now and then when a statement happens to cut on my PLOC is my biggest complaint with a financial institution, things must be going pretty well.

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