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Jun 23, 2017
You're a number in a regional cesspool
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No negative stars? Let me tell you a true story about Regions Bank, complete with its own docket number and boxes of documentation.

Once, there was a kind elderly woman who worked and saved for retirement so she would be secure and would not be a burden. Along came a "caretaker" who admitted to signing the elderly woman's name on checks for video games, acne medication, utilities for another address and enough groceries to feed a family. The checking account was drained regularly, forcing the elderly woman to cash her CDs to replenish it. In four years, roughly $250,000 disappeared beyond the woman's normal expenditures. Some of the $250,000 was NSF fees which sometimes exceeded $1k/month and exceeded the elderly woman's monthly income.

"Fortunately", the woman died just before her funds were exhausted. But her family discovered the abuse and dealt with the aftermath. What came out: Regions Bank's system flagged fraud on the account. Regions Bank officers admitted to discussing the situation and doing nothing (like calling the elderly woman or a social services worker or a sheriff). Regions Bank profited over TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS in NSF fees and CD early withdrawal penalties IN FOUR YEARS. Regions Bank did nothing for the elderly woman who gave Regions Bank her business and her trust. Regions Bank hired a large law firm to protect itself against the family. Despite Regions Bank having an obvious conflict of interest (earning fees by not addressing the abuse), Regions Bank won on a technicality - essentially sweeping the case and the elderly woman under the rug.

Regions Bank wants your business and your loved ones' business.

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