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Dec 31, 2013
Very Happy with Regions
Anonymous Account Holder

I've had Regions for about 5 years and I've always been extremely happy with them. Prior to Regions I banked with BOA, BB&T and Wachovia (now Wells Fargo). I can say that these banks did not come close to the customer service and willingness to help that Regions gives its customers. My parents and sister actually changed over to Regions about 3 years ago and have been equally impressed. The first time a rep called to see if I was satisfied with my account and the overall service I actually thought something was wrong with my account at the beginning of the call. Little gestures do make the difference.

I went on a quick vacation in 2010 to Orlando and the hotel charged my debit card twice for the 3 day stay (over $800 total). I called Regions customer service and explained the problem as I still had a day left at the hotel and immediately the 2nd $400 was released back into my account and the rep had no hesitation in doing it. I was very impressed and still talk about that experience. The staff is always very friendly unlike my experience at the prior mentioned banks which is why I left those banks.

If you are in doubt about Regions, just open a small savings account with them and try them out for a period of time. As I stated before, I haven't had any issues with the bank or my account and its the small gestures of personal appreciation that make a difference to me. :)

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Mar 13, 2015
Anonymous Account Holder

Worst Bank I've ever had to deal with. Be very cautious banking with them.  They have also shared my account information with my ex-husband and father without my permission, and no they are not on my accounts.

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Oct 06, 2016
Worst bank
Anonymous Account Holder

I agree this is the worst bank in the world

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Sep 16, 2016
A warning to all !!!!

 Hello there everyone I'm writing this post as a warning to all to not get a mortgage through them . I was preapproved for 169,000 several months ago put a offer in on dream house and everything using an FHA loan .  That was all the way back in June .  It is now September 2016 and I still have not closed On the house.  To me its legal robbery .  There are charging me over $11,000 in closing costs and fees alone .  When I try asking them why all these fees my loan officer  point-blank told me with an attitude those are the fees it is what it is .  My loan processor called me once throughout the process she was rude ignorant and stupid . They can care less about  how they treat you I had to extend my closing date multiple times . No apology and no answer to what is holding the delay . The underwriter keeps asking for more and more paperwork which I have given to him in a timely manner .  But yes I will go days without hearing from him same with my mortgage processor and my mortgage officer . The lack of communication sucks the lack of customer service sucks .  Do not go to the bank I am warning you please do not go through this bank you will cry you were stressed out you never close on your dream house because they don't care they drag their *** until the last minute .  They submitted all the paperwork to the on the right at the very last minute knowing that my contract was coming to an end they show no mercy in time consume in taking up peoples time.  I'm about to lose $4000 on a deposit that I put on my house because these people are taking too long and the seller is fed up and wants to walk away . I have emailed them day after day week after week my file has been with the underwriter for over three weeks .  Please for anyone looking to get a credit card mortgage loan or even opening up account you are making a big mistake.  And by the way I'm located in Orlando Florida this is my first ever purchase on my home and it has been an absolute nightmare. Please hear my warning.  Stay away from regions Bank far far away.

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Sep 12, 2016
Credit Cards have no auto pay option
billocala Account Holder

BEware - Regions credit cards (in particular thier Cisa Signature card - has no auto payment option.  Only card I have that is like this.  This bank is not above settign traps for their customers evidenatally.   I have not fallen victim, but I found it disconcerting enough to chat with online customer support, and they confirmed that there is no auto payment option on purpose!

I have done signature loans and other products with them and these are normal/okay.  I do not recommend them for credit cards though.

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Aug 23, 2016
Too Many Awful Roadblocks
DrNobili Account Holder

Opened checking account online, two days later they required me to appear in person to sign the signature card and show my ID and passport.  They specifically asked me to show proof of citizenship despite being in this country since the 1950s and being a lawful resident.  Very bad start.

On my credit card, three weeks later, they are now again requiring me to appear in person at the branch to show my ID again while the banker calls to their credit card department.  I'm not doing this again.

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Aug 05, 2016
J1745 Account Holder

Had a account with them for 8 years and customer service is the worst I've ever seen at the Mt Olive branch in MS went there twice wasted 2 hours for a simple account change and still can't get anyone to help, I changed banks don't waste your time with this bank!

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Jun 23, 2016
Dorianne98 Account Holder

Regions stole my money to apply it to my ex-husbands account- $735.07 the first time and less than a month later and before I could close the account and move my auto-pay bills, they stole $409.68 just before my last bill was to be paid.... After they knew the account was MY ACCOUNT ONLY based on the complaints if filed and customer service interactions as well as interactions with collections. They knew exactly what they were doing and stole over $1100 from me in less than a month. 

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Mar 09, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Signed up for the region visa card and was told no APR unless you use the cash advance. Lie i've been charged since day one of using the card, I have a checking as well an it seems every 3-4 months i get 2-3 NSF charges. They have no way of keeping track of your funds for real. An neither do you even if you write it down you still come up short.

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Jan 30, 2016
Awgfl Account Holder

Do NOT use this bank, complete rip off. They re organize your debits so the largest comes out first so they can slap you with multiple overdraft fees. Biggest mistake I've ever made, had enough funds to cover 4/5 transactions, one sent me $4.95 overdrawn, they took the one that sent me $4.95 OD first (which was for several hundred $) and charged me 4 overdraft fees for the others. Ruined me week. 



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Jan 25, 2016
Installment loan disaster.
cjdavis618 Account Holder

I got a really nice vehicle through them and got a decent interest rate at purchase. The transaction for that part has not been a problem. 

Once you are a customer, you had better start banking with them for everything or expect to have hell trying to even pay on your loan.

1. You cannot use the website to pay a loan unless you have a Regions checking account.

2. You cannot transfer money from another bank to a regions checking account from the web site so you can pay your loan. (So in other words, conveniance of the 1970s. I know, I was there. 

3. In order to pay your loan, you had better take cash into a branch to pay on it in person. If you take a check from another outside bank account they will hold it for several days and collect interest on the transaction. 

4. If you have a checking account and they pull the $10 fee and it dips into Over draft, then you try and pay the loan by putting far more in the account than is in OD ( and from cash at a branch) you will have a colling off period of 3 days before the funds become available. (Which then will show a late payment and incur a fee and even a 30day late because they are horrible. 

5. Because of my distance from a branch, and reluctance to call in to make a phone payment that I get charged extra for, I got to a branch on day 25 after being past the due date. (I know, but life happens)  Made a cash payment that I have proof of on the web portal as being paid on day 25, and then on the credit report for that month they show I was 30 days.  Simply put, they cannot count.

Find another bank and do not use them. IF you have them, refinance somewhere else. Life is so much easier with Chase, Capital One, etc. Etc. At least you can pay from your own bank there instead of having to use them. I feel like I am bent over each time I visit because they are rude and the system and policies are horrible. 

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Nov 20, 2015
The worst bank I've dealt with
Anonymous Account Holder

Untrained, ignorant employees!  Unwilling to provide appropriate services to customers.  If you love frustration this bank is for you.  

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