Prudential Reviews
May 15, 2016
Solid, but outdated methods
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I was looking to get a life policy before I turned 35, so my rates can remain relatively low.  I rarely drink and don't smoke, so I expected to get a solid 30 year term rate.  I shopped around for a company that had Return of Premium for term Life Insurance.  I could only find 2 companies that did this and had a strong solvency reputations.  Prudential and Voya.  Since Voya did most of their interation over the phone, I went with Prudential because I like to talk to an agent.  I got a good and my agent is very friendly to talk to.  

I do have few problems with Prudential.  1) They have not caught up with the technology of today.  They do not have a cell phone app that includes life insurance, only 401K or retirement.  Yet you can go to their website and check up on your policy from a computer or laptop.  Its not that hard to create a cell phone app if you are a Fortune 500 company.  2)  You have to have a family member be aware that you have a policy with them because if you die before the term is up, they do not check death records.  They only check it after a family member tells them you have passed away.  Other than those 2 issues, I am a happy customer.  

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