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May 24, 2017
Application stuck bc of Transunion
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I applied for a personal loan refinance and saw great rates with Prosper. I completed the application, only to get a message saying my account had been suspended because a loan I had wasn't reported on a credit report. After hours on the phone with various customer service reps, I was instructed to contact TransUnion to get them to update my account. But no one at TransUnion could do this, so they told me to contact the lender of this previous loan to make sure they reported to TransUnion. I did, and they affirmed that they reported to TransUnion, who should have the info. Back to Prosper, who refused to do anything without an "update" from TransUnion." Back to TransUnion, who wouldn't do anything because they take up to 90 days to add an account after it's been reported (this loan originated in March). Back to Prosper, who still wouldn't/couldn't do anything. Oh well. 

So there was nothing I could do to get this resolved, despite the fact that the Equifax report shows the loan in question. 

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