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Oct 04, 2016
Worst customer service ever!
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Supposedly a FHA streamline refinance for a shorter term and lower interest rate, really a waste of three months of my time. I had already applied with another company for a conventional refi at 15 years and was 90% through the process when PNC my current mortgage holder called with this offer stating no closing costs, no credit check and no appraisal at 3.5% for 15 years. I thought well they already hold my note so I can be loyal and stick with them. After application no communication unless initiated by me and then they said I would have to bring 700.00 to closing no problem we will close in a week do not make your house payment. Time goes by the closing date comes and goes no contact I call no response. Then a week later I get a call saying that I have to bring 2200 to closing but no date is set. Then i get a letter saying 4600 to closing still no date set. then 2200 then 4600 then none then today 1506.42 and get this I have to pay PMI on a note that I have been paying on for 16 years. And the "underwriter" says that I have to provide bank statements for the past two months. Are you f****** crazy, what the hell is wrong with those people. I told her forget it withdraw my app after 3 mos and PNC can get lost. I am turning in all correspondence to my state banking board and the Federal Reserve consumer help. PNC is the worst mortgage company on the planet.

No communication

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Complete failure!

they suck

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