PNC Mortgage Reviews
Oct 13, 2017
PNC Needs to be Investigated

PNC needs to be investigated. It has either been hacked and lost customer data; and / or implementing new mandatory services that require none-existing information i.e. bank account and/or PIN to access online mortgage information.

1. User account has been lost/deleted: I have/had been an online user for years with this company and recently the login credential is no longer valid.

2. Loan details and personal preference had been wrong: I have set up my recurring payments via ETF and didn't have a need to check on them regularly until last month I started receiving payment coupon books TWICE which each time something is wrong about the numbers, i.e. wrong payment amount. Also according to the information on the coupon requesting that I sign up paperless which is something I have/had been doing for them for years.

3. No communications regarding reasons for changes stated in #1 and #2.

4. Impossible to write an email since account is no longer valid. Cannot get a rep on the phone, which is something I have waited as last resource since I'd like something in writing about the said changes; the customer service window is narrow for someone living in the west coast like me.

What is going on??

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