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Jan 18, 2017
Please do not use PNC bank!!!!
Anonymous Borrower

I don't think there are enough words to describe what a horrific experience we have had and are still in the middle of. 

Applied for loan in Feb 2016. PNC loan officer called us back and spent hours talking about all our options. Ordered our home in Feb. Our home has been READY to move into since 9-15-16. TODAY IS 1-18-17 AND WE ARE STILL NOT IN OUR HOME. 

Left hand has no clue what right hand is doing. They will not call you back. Asking for paperwork we have already given them months ago. Now  we are having to sign documents that we have already signed because they have expired it has been so long. 

Please do not deal with these people!!!

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Jan 17, 2017
I believe "Bait and Switch"
Anonymous Borrower

I believe the loan originator used an overwhelming amount of paper work to hide that PNC was changing the points on the deal.  Very near the closing he agreed to a change that partially restored the orginal deal, after I threatened to walk away.  However, the adjustment never made it to closing.  The was blamed on someone else.  I feel swindled out of ~$1200.  I will never deal with them again.

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Nov 21, 2016
Anonymous Borrower

Rates were better than anywhere else so we decided to go with them.  We have our regular banking accounts through them. Total nightmare.  I had to give evidence of deposits into my account that clearly were direct deposts from my employer.  I asked to move up closing from 45 to 30.  I could get no respose from anyone when I emailed and called to move closing.  Finally when I got a hold of someone- they just sat on it til the 11th hour (2 weeks) and said- oopps we wont make that closing date bc it had to be to underwriting today...... Then we had seller pay part of closing costs and made us get a whole new apprasial and re go through underwrting.   Absolute nightmare!

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Sep 29, 2016
Mortgage Loan they bought
Anonymous Borrower

They just bought my loan.  I am terrified so far.  Terrified.  There is nowhere to select additional principal, just an "Other" amount.  I see a hot button that says they apply additional funds received to full future payments before applying to additional principal.  So I call, and the guy tells me the opposite but I can hear in his voice a bit of insecurity.  He quickly adds "if it gets mis applied just call and we can change it for you."  I ask him why would I want to ever prepay future interest?  He was quiet.  I am literally terrified of working with this company.  The website has all the bell and wistles but if you are half way intelligent you can see it is set up to make you confused.  NOthing is easy.  They should really see how other companies are run, especially if they are going to buy mortgages from those companies.  It is appalling and terrifying experience so far.  I get vastly different answers from multiple different employees on topics ranging from escrow, prepayment, to simply making a payment.  One lady told me I would have to open a fake checking account to make payments to my mortgage online.  This company is literally terrifying.  STAY AWAY. 

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Nov 04, 2016

My loan was also just purchased by PNC Mortgage. I can't afford to have incompetent people not able to submit an extra amount beyond the minimum monthly payment to principal. I also can't afford for a payment to be considered late because a payment on autopay suddenly doesn't go through. I'm not sure what to do... I'm hoping though that perhaps I'll be able to pay my mortgage with a credit card...

Sep 27, 2016
I did a home equity line of credit.
French10 Borrower

I am self emplyed, need I say more. The was not a easy process, but after 2008,  and being a business has its challenges. It was a long process but nothing PNC did wrong. They were and helpful and patient. I do not love how banking is via email and voice mail, but times have changed, that would be my only dislike. but still happy, they helped me as much as I expected.

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Sep 02, 2016
No problems
Anonymous Borrower

I have been with PNC since my previous mortgage company was bought out. We refinanced with them about 5 years ago with no issue at a great rate that no other company would offer since we didn't owe more than 100K.

Not sure what the issues are with other reviews but nothing but good luck for us.

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Jul 18, 2016
Terrible customer service
Anonymous Borrower

Avoid this company at all costs!

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Jun 25, 2016
AEJ2314 Borrower

The whole process through PNC was terrible. I applied for a 203K loan. PNC was nit picky on all the forms. Then due to bank errors and the awful "appraiser" my closing was delayed by a month. The appraiser couldnt find the thermostat, and claimed there was no gas to the house, despite the fact I had a home inspection done to the home and HVAC. Then after the house purchase almost falling through because the bank was taking too long (it was a foreclosure), the contractor I hired turned out to be just as awful as the bank! The banks response was to not do anything. My contractor was 3 months past the due date and I had been forced to pay the mortgage on a house I couldnt live in for 5 months. PNC Mortgage does not care about thier customers at all! Their rules for conducting business are completely unethical. 

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Jun 03, 2016
Unethical & Arbitrary Mortgage Practices
Anonymous Borrower

Work with a better bank.

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