PSECU Reviews
May 11, 2017
We have the internet, who needs a branch

I have been a PSECU member for 20+ years, since I was a teenager actually. (Go, mom!) I have been impressed with them many times over the years. I have had checking and savings accounts with them, as well as a credit card, a personal loan, and a car loan. I have always felt like they were providing a good product and value. I have never felt like they were trying to take advantage of me like I have felt with some banks. They may not have many branches, but when in PA there are ample ATMs in their network, and they have a fairly generous ATM fee reimbursement policy, I almost never pay an ATM fee. I've used my accounts normally while living in several other states for years and conducted all my business through ATMs or online, including deposits in ATMs, mail, and now digitally through my smartphone. Their online banking experience has been pretty solid since there was such a thing as online banking. I really respect that. I have used a lot of other online banking services and I always compare them to PSECU's online experience. Their mobile app has most of the same features but it a little odd at times.

I occasionally look to see if there are other options out there (in the non-PA state I live in) but I have yet to find one that holds up.

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