PSECU Reviews
Feb 06, 2017
Wonderful CU with excellent services
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I'm a PA state employee and have been using PSECU since 2010. I have a mortgage, auto loan and credit card with them and have had a personal loan and home equity loan with them in the past. I also bank with them. Rates are excellent (9.9% on the card, 3.5% on the 30yr fixed mortgage, low 4's on the auto) and I can always speak to a person when I call them.  I have had them approve me with less than stellar credit - when no one else would touch me. This may be due to being a PA state employee though.  Also the mobile banking is excellent, with easy to use mobile photo deposits which generally post immediately.

There are no brick and mortar branches outside of Harrisburg, but their excellent online services more than make up for this. I suppose one criticism is very low APY on the savings. Oh well. That's the worst I could think of. Highly recommended, if you're eligible to join.

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