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Apr 30, 2014
Member since 2006 - Never a Problem
gswan24 Account Holder

PSECU is how I do all of my banking. I currently have a check card and a credit card with them, along with all of my regular checking and savings accounts. The customer service is prompt and easy to use. There are multiple ways to communicate with them and I have always gotten a personalized response within a short period of time (typically 24 hours or the next business day). They have assisted me with using my cards overseas, to which I never had an issue, and they protected me from a fraudulent withdrawl on my account when my check card's information was copied. The service I received from that was personal, polite, and protected communication with their fraud/credit services department.

Applications for loans are very easy with them and they have always had excellent rates. I applied for an auto loan with them no problem (but I did not end up using them for the purchase of my car as the dealer offered me a better APR financing rate.)

Withdrawls, deposits, and money transfer has been super easy to use, especially now with their simple, user friendly mobile app. My money is accessible to me wherever I am! They provide me with free monthly credit score updates which is nice, as well as tracking my spending. I utitlize their bill pay system for some of my bills and have never had an issue with this. Some people tell me I would be better off with a bank that has a physical location so I can do withdrawls and cash deposits, but PSECU has an expansive network of banks and ATM's around the world that allow me to do just that if I ever need to. And as for the "security" of a physical bank, I have yet to encounter a security issue with PSECU that doesn't already happen with regular banks. They replaced my check card once when they had a breach of card information for a handful of members, and the replacement/communication for that incident was quick and efficient.

I plan to stay with them for many more years unless for some reason I am forced to switch to another bank. But for now that doesn't seem likely to happen. If you are a Pennsylvania State Employee, I strongly recommend giving PSECU a shot.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Nov 11, 2014
For a Credit Union, difficult...
slkohler Account Holder

This CU has its good points, attractive rates for many products, ATM fees refunded, and good functional online banking. But when it comes to service, they are mediocre at best, and at worst, downright unhelpful. One case recently involved transferring some money from my other bank. I wanted to move $15,000 and being aware of the $10,000 transaction bells, made out two checks. I asked the teller about it; I could have accomplilshed this transaction a number of ways, but wanted to make it easy and quick. The teller smugly watched me deposit my money, then informed me that since the two checks were deposited on the same DAY, the funds wouldn't be available for 4 days. She could have easily informed me ahead of time and asked what I wanted to do, but instead she deliberately (it sure looked to me) made it difficult for me. Had I put in one check one day, and the other the next, it would have been on problem, and she knew that. 

I recently applied for a car loan. It took 10 days because they wanted to see documents which, when submitted through their system, didn't arrive. They did not hear me when I told them the problem had to be on their end (and it was), promised to call when they got them, never happened, etc. etc. A long ordeal which I circumvented by getting a loan elsewhere and picking up my car before they could respond. Complain about this, and the over-stressed employees are short (cutting me off twice mid-sentence in a span of 30 seconds isn't what I call help) and, it seems, deliberately unhelpful. To the reviewer on here who called them spiteful, yes, I have seen this behavior. My bank isn't quite the good deal PSECU is, but they are considerably more friendly and helpful. 

Then there is the member account number issue. You give them every piece of information they ask you for including your name, social security number, password, pin, address, mothers maiden name. OPnce they are completely convinced you are the person on the account, they will discuss it with you, but they will not provide your account number, the reason you called to begin with. They have to mail it.  Yes, security is important, but so is customer service and reasoned thought.

Most maddening is when you try to offer some constructive feedback on the things they do that you don't care for (such as the incidents above) they argue with you. It says to me, "we don't care whether you like it or not."  

I expect Credit Unions to generally be far above banks in service and quality, and this one is not. 

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May 11, 2017
We have the internet, who needs a branch
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been a PSECU member for 20+ years, since I was a teenager actually. (Go, mom!) I have been impressed with them many times over the years. I have had checking and savings accounts with them, as well as a credit card, a personal loan, and a car loan. I have always felt like they were providing a good product and value. I have never felt like they were trying to take advantage of me like I have felt with some banks. They may not have many branches, but when in PA there are ample ATMs in their network, and they have a fairly generous ATM fee reimbursement policy, I almost never pay an ATM fee. I've used my accounts normally while living in several other states for years and conducted all my business through ATMs or online, including deposits in ATMs, mail, and now digitally through my smartphone. Their online banking experience has been pretty solid since there was such a thing as online banking. I really respect that. I have used a lot of other online banking services and I always compare them to PSECU's online experience. Their mobile app has most of the same features but it a little odd at times.

I occasionally look to see if there are other options out there (in the non-PA state I live in) but I have yet to find one that holds up.

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Feb 06, 2017
Wonderful CU with excellent services
inflammatorywrit Account Holder

I'm a PA state employee and have been using PSECU since 2010. I have a mortgage, auto loan and credit card with them and have had a personal loan and home equity loan with them in the past. I also bank with them. Rates are excellent (9.9% on the card, 3.5% on the 30yr fixed mortgage, low 4's on the auto) and I can always speak to a person when I call them.  I have had them approve me with less than stellar credit - when no one else would touch me. This may be due to being a PA state employee though.  Also the mobile banking is excellent, with easy to use mobile photo deposits which generally post immediately.

There are no brick and mortar branches outside of Harrisburg, but their excellent online services more than make up for this. I suppose one criticism is very low APY on the savings. Oh well. That's the worst I could think of. Highly recommended, if you're eligible to join.

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Jan 17, 2017
makaila410 Account Holder

I have a checking and savings account with a account there cause my mom was a member and was easy to get a account. Always great with all they do

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Nov 10, 2016
Great. I've never had any problem.
MrBridgeJumper Account Holder

I orignally went to PSECU when I started college back in 2012. After graduating I had a few different banks that I tried to use, however since I'm traveling alot PSECU was literally the best way to keep my finances together. They sync with MINT very nicely which helps so much for financial tracking. I now have a personal loan, a car loan, credit card, and they are my primary banking facility. Even tho they do not have a physical bank, You can still withdraw cash from almost ALL ATM's They give you back the money for any ATM fees at the end of the month. something like $20 a month. And they allow ATM deposits which is very nice. Between the online application as well as the smartphone application. They have been a great bank for me for years and I will continue to use them.  Interest rates are great. Credit card rate is 9.9% ANYWHERE else is at least 20% for someone my age with no real credit score. 

I would HIGHLY recommend them to all my friends and anyone looking for a great banking service. 

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Nov 05, 2016
Best ever!
Obarnor Account Holder

Been a member for over 20 years and it keeps getting better. 

They refund all your monthly ATM fees. Car shopping is easier than picking a color of car. They give you a blank check and you use that to pay for car. Loan starts when check runs back through the system. 

Online app is smooth and informative.

Overall, I've NEVER had a bad experience. 

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Oct 19, 2016
Discontinuing PSL service loan
Anonymous Account Holder

They are closing everyones 20,000 PSL service loan for no reason because they just decided to get rid of it and screw over everyones credit score.

No reason given just that they are closing it for everyone and no longer offering.

What a joke. Not even offer a replacement or anything.

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Oct 19, 2016
Discontinuing PSL service loan
Anonymous Account Holder

They are closing everyones 20,000 PSL service loan for no reason because they just decided to get rid of it and screw over everyones credit score.

No reason given just that they are closing it for everyone and no longer offering.

What a joke. Not even offer a replacement or anything.

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Oct 19, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

Use a prepaid account before going through them. Worst customer service, 8 day holds on cash deposits at AH ATM. Dont bank with them

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Feb 20, 2017

Are you sure you're talking about the correct Credit Union? My deposits, cash or checks, are always, and have been since day one, been available immediately.

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