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Nov 04, 2017
LIES! DECEPTION! - Saw Gerrera
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I ALMOST applied here to refinance my car, but there was a part of the process where it was asking for your affiliation to certain groups, none of which I was apart of. Since this was the case, I stopped editing my application, closed the tab, and didn't submit anything. 

Fast forward a few weeks and a hard inquiry appears on my report from, guess who? Pen Fed. I knew I didn't turn anything in, so I called up their customer service to see what was up. I told them about the issue, about how I never turned anything in, and they said they'd look up my information. But behold, there was apparently no information to be found. They searched by my social, my name, everything, and could not find anything on me or my false application. 

I asked, how's that possible? How could you run a hard inquiry and have no information on someone? The representative replied that I just wasn't in the system and that he could look me up by the Application ID I would have gotten by email for submitting. I told him I didn't submit anything and hadn't received any emails. I even searched again, double-checking, to make sure at his request. His response, "I don't know what to tell you; wait a few days and see if the email turns up, then call back." I told him that, considering what he was saying before, I would have gotten the email before. He once again said that he didn't know what to tell me, so I said I would just have to report it to Equifax and hope it gets through to them.

This MF literally chuckled and told me, quote "Good luck with that". 

Long story short, don't even start the application process. Saw Gerrera says it best. LIES! DECEPTION!

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