Pen Air Fed CU Reviews
Oct 24, 2016
Horrible Customer Service
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This credit union expects its customers to jump through hoops just to manage a bank account. Never been overdrafted , never been negative, even have a loan with them but they have done a bunch of "upgrades" that have just totally destroyed the customer service. ATM's dont work with new chip cards, chip cards only work about 1/2 the time even though I have plenty of money in the bank, the bank now needs access to your personal computer or phone for you to be able to  check your account. Whoevers bright idea this was needs to be fired. 5 years with this bank and I am more frustrated today than ever before. Oh, and if you want to reach a branch direct you can forget that. Calling the call center and asking for a branch is obviously too difficult. I called twice today and both times the CSR did everything in thier power not to transfer me, i finally hung up EVEN MORE FRUSTRATED. Ultimately I had to get in my car and drive 12 miles to ask MY BRANCH a question. 

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