Northeast CU Reviews
Jan 24, 2017
Don't waste your time

My father has been a customer here for years. He purchased a car for me about a year and a half ago. Every payment on the vehicle has come directly from my checking account. Now that I'm 25 my insurance rates have gone down, and I have a steady job (as a teacher). I called to see if they could essentially transfer the loan to my name. I was denied a loan for $10,000 with a full time job (with a contract!) and a 775 credit score. I've also never missed a single payment on ANY bill. While this was irritating, I asked the customer service rep if we could finance the car with my father as a cosigner (so at least I would get credit for making the payments). She responded that, yes, they could do that.

After speaking to my father on the phone, the representative (Liz is her name) assured him that he could cosign for me. I got a voicemail a few days later saying I was denied for the loan, but could reapply with a co-borrower. Yes, thank you for that information... that you told me last week. So disorganized! At this point, you'd think they'd call my father for his information, since he clearly stated that he'd like to cosign for me. She really should have just asked him for his information when he told her that he'd cosign for me. 

No call to him. No contact with me. So, I called today to speak to someone. At this point, I'd assumed someone had resubmitted the loan with my father's information (which they have on file anyway since he's a customer). No, they haven't done anything. Not only that, she can't even be bothered to call my father and get his information. He has to make the call, and "there's no guarantee that she'll be able to answer it." 

Truly an embarrassing organization. I mean, how hard do I have to work to give you my money?  They act like they don't even want your business. If that's the attitude they want to have, I'll take my money elsewhere.

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