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Dec 01, 2017
Easy to work with!
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I've been with NFCU since USMC bootcamp 1995.  I've used other banks and credit unions since joining mostly because they didn't have any local branches.  Now that there are local branches here in the ATL area I've used them as my primary "bank" since 2006.  My wife and I both have a Platinum CC with them and multiple checking accounts as well.  We set up our children with accounts as well as they've matured.  My oldest (21) has a CC from NFCU as well.  I've mostly been pleased with their service, but have had a few issues. 1. They used to lock out all accounts if you paid the minimum credit card late.  2. They prequalified for a home loan and they refused to underwrite the loan because it was about 25% less expensive than our current residence.  For sure they are much better to deal with than USAA on just about anything.

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Dec 06, 2017
Long time member

I've had an account here thanks to my dad since 1982, however my balance has alwasy been minimal. I've been working on repairing bad credit for the last few years and have increased from 570s to 630s (after a 30-point drop due to needing to actually use some of my credit). I received an offer to apply and was instantly approved for $17,700 - my highest CL yet. A few years ago they denied me for an auto loan, so this was a pleasant surprise. 

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