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Mar 18, 2017

Got denied with a 617 score 611 trans I make 75k a year. They didn't give me a chance. First access approved me instantly 

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May 26, 2017
I love this credit union
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I signed up with Navy Federal a little over a year ago. I opened a checking account and applied for a credit card (the green one). I was approved for an incredible amount and the interest rate remains significantly lower than my Chase, Citi, and Capital One cards (the only other cards I have). I recently transferred a balance to my card and there are no balance transfer fees -- not true of my other cards unless I recently opened them. I have received excellent service, their people in my branches and by phone have been helpful and pleasant to talk with. Their auto loans have very low rates and they cover used and new cars. I recommend them whenever I can.

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May 23, 2017
Thank you for giving me a chance!

Got approved for a 24K line! CK Transunion 717 CK Equifax 707. I had a few late payments and an open collection. After 8 months of rebuilding credit, I got two secured credit cards-Capital One and OpenSky which has very low limits. Thank you, NFCU! 

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