Navy FCU Reviews
Oct 13, 2017
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This credit Union has helped me restore my Credit, obtain loans and credit cards!

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Oct 21, 2017
Very Pleased
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I applied for the Navy Federal GORewards card over the phone with a rep and was instantly approved for 20k 13% APR. I do not have the best of credit and have been working on it for about 6 months now. 661 TU and 644 EQ. I was so nervous because I originally wanted to apply jointly with my husband (his credit is so much better than mine) but they no longer do joint applications. When the rep gave me my CLi I had to have her repeat herself :-0 I was in shock. Definitely was not expecting that much. My husband encouraged me to apply and I am so happy he did. I hope this encourages someone else to take the leap! 

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