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Mar 18, 2017

Got denied with a 617 score 611 trans I make 75k a year. They didn't give me a chance. First access approved me instantly 

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Mar 20, 2017
Better than a retail bank
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I've had accounts, loans, and a credit card with NFCU for nearly 10 years.  I've not ever had a bad experience with this credit union, but I have also (thankfully) always been able to keep an adequate income and make all payments on time.

I'm not certain if they have the best rates on various things, but I've always been able to talk to a human when I need to, and I can do most everything that I need from their web and app interfaces.  When I'm not near a branch, I always appreciate the refund allowance for 3rd party ATMs (I believe that this refund is dependent on your account type and I'm not sure which accounts offer it).

Their 1.5% cash back credit card is straightforward and easy to redeem via transfer to any of my NFCU accounts or to the credit card itself.

I imagine I'll be a member long into the future.

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Mar 21, 2017

My current credit score is in the low 500s and I've been working desperately to improve my score. I first applied for their secured card 15 months ago but it's yet to switch to unsecured. However, during the last few months I was unemployed and signed up for the insurance on my card so the insurance was paying my bills for me. That may have been the reason it didn't switch over, im sure they wanted to wait until I was employed. 

Anyway, yesterday I applied for this card and was approved for 3,100. Again, my credit score is in the low 500s. I plan to use this as my gas card and not go crazy on spending so that I can at least reach the 700s by the end of the year. 

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