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Mar 18, 2017

Got denied with a 617 score 611 trans I make 75k a year. They didn't give me a chance. First access approved me instantly 

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Aug 19, 2017

They're very nice for the most part and things run efficiently there. Both my spouse and I opened checking and savings accounts and they approved me for a $12000 cc with credit scores of 713 & 722. With that said, we went to apply for a home equity loan today and to our surprise, we were told our APR would be 9%!!!! Are you kidding? How does that happen? They give out cc's at low rates but not loans. Apparently my FICO score is much lower than my scores on Credit Karma. Wouldn't have applied if I'd known 😣

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Aug 21, 2017
Applied with mediocre credit....approved
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I have started buckling down and caring about my credit. My low 20's me didn't really care about it and so it became garbage. Recently I've been taking charge with the dream of one day purchasing a house. My current score is 589 TU and 636 EF. I was planning on applying for a secured card with NFCU but after reading the reviews on here decided to take a chance and just apply for their CashRewards card and within 30 seconds was approved for $3,600 CL!!! Mind you I had a capital one card go to collections about a year ago :/ 

NFCU had always been great to me! 

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