Navy FCU Reviews
Dec 25, 2016
Easy process knowledgeable staff

Very friendly staff.. thanks NFCC for making my dreams come true

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Feb 25, 2017
The best credit union ever
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I don't write very many reviews but I wanted to write this one for Navy Federal they actually saved my life the extending me a generous line of credit with my credit card and they taking care of me and I just wanted to say thank you Navy Federal Credit Union

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Feb 24, 2017
I'm so confused.

I applied for the NFCU GoRewards credit card 3 weeks ago. Received a denial letter. Reasons it was denied............1- No open Credit Union accts reported in the last 12 months ( so because I bank with a regular bank, and not a credit union, that was held against me). 2- Amounts of non-mortgage balances paid down in the last 24 months ( I paid off my car loan in May 2016) 3- Months since most recent inquiry on credit report ( I don't apply for a ton of credit cards).......I'm so confused....

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