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Jan 02, 2014
NFCU Great place to bank
RetiredNavyguy Account Holder

I have been with Navy Fed for several years but never tried any of their product. Last year new car loan for 1.79% and a credit card with 7500 limit. I have had some issue with credit do to being disable because of a medical situtation and took a few dings on my credit and they have fully taken care of me when I needed it. They will be my CU for life. 

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Nov 18, 2016
Stay away this is not a true credit unio
Anonymous Account Holder

After banking with navy federal for ten years they finally used the old bait and switch to close my credit card account. I was out of work for three months and looking for work frantically. I always paid for insurance on any loan or credit card for disability,death or unemployed situations. I submitted my request after I was laid off and was denied. For what reason I have no Idea. Nfcu would not give a clear answer. After three months of no income I fell behind. I found work finally and made the payments to catch up on everything. Then nfcu closed my accounts and removed the insurance. They are reporting my accounts closed on my credit which has tanked over a 100 points in the past week. I have retained an attorney and plan on fighting this. They charged me for a service to protect me if I was hurt or ever out of work and than as soon as I really needed it they denied me and threw down the hammer. Don't bank with them

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Apr 26, 2017
They're fantastic.
starbuckathena Account Holder

I've been with them for almost 20 years and don't want to use another group.

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Apr 22, 2017
WOW Hugh Credit Limit Low Score
Anonymous Account Holder

Been a banking customer for over a year.  Had a 1,000 dollar secured nrewards visa,  never used it much.  Recived a notice from NF they were unsecuring my visa for a 1,000 nrewards visa.  Months later not using the card really I asked for a CLI reading on Dr, of Credit blog, to always ask for a 25,000 dollar increase no matter if you only have a small CL.  Well, after a hard pull they increased my CL to 17,500  Transunion 650.  Many Inquires Pretty clean CR.  Next to my AMEX card this is by far my highest limit.  Wanting to get the cash rewards visa, but will wait.  Thought they would deny a big CL of 25,000, great counter offer.  LOL nfcu

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Apr 21, 2017
So far, so good
SamShep45 Account Holder

I only applied to this credit union because a family member recommended it. They got a debt consolidation loan and a new credit card to try to rebuild their credit. I just got a lease on a new car last month and when they pulled my credit score, it was 680, which I know is higher than my family member's. However, I did not get approved for the loan, though I did for the credit card, and at a rate about 10% less than my other accounts. One disappointing thing was that customer service couldn't tell me the reason for the denial - he said a letter had been sent. I thought that was a little weird, but whatever. After reading through the reviews here, I won't be banking with them, but for loans and such, they seem above average. I will apply for the debt consolidation loan again in 6 mos or so after I've used the new card to build a limit.

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Apr 21, 2017
Well worth it
Anonymous Account Holder

Being part of this credit union I can easily cut back on "bank fees". This bank has no surprise fees most banks have. Great rates on loans !

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Apr 21, 2017
Battle Buddy Approved
Anonymous Account Holder

First let me say that I am disappointed to read some of the bad experiences people have had with NavyFederal, they are truly troubling. 

As for my own experience with NavyFederal(NF) I have been extremely happy with them. They have been very, very generous to me and my family. For the record though, I will say that my VA refinance process with them was a little less than perfect. I The first two loan processor seemed to be a little incompetent, to busy for me, or both. Needless to say, the 3rd processor got it closed in no time with no issues which made me wonder what had happened with the first two. 

Since starting with NF, I have my mortgage, 2 auto loans, checking, savings, CC, etc with them. I am extremely happy with ALL my products bar none. I don't know that I would want to bank anywhere else and the fact that they have been expanding branches closer and closer to home is only a plus. One HUGE thing, in addition to the nice little bonus they kicked in towards my closing cost when i funded my loan with them, they don't sell their mortgage loans! and they service in house!! This is and continues to be one of the best selling points when it comes to mortgages with them. 

I hope those who have are having negative experiences with them get them resolved satisfactorily. And for those of you who are thinking about trying them, I HIGHY recommend them.

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Apr 19, 2017
Great for Auto Loans
RECRANGER Account Holder

I looked around at a lot of places for auto loan rates and Navy Federal had equal to or better rates than anywhere else I could find at the time. They have great staff and respond to any questions I have pretty quickly. I use their checking, not for my primary account, and I have a savings account with them. I know they don't have very many locations which can be an issue if they were your only banking institution, but they have a great online system which makes transfers easy. I use my savings & checking with them as my vacation accounts.

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Apr 18, 2017
Good But crafty
Anonymous Account Holder

 I would have given them 5 stars, But when i appled for a credit card they put a limit on it of $17,600.  Basically cornering me so that attempting to get loans anywhere else will flag my * available credit *.... yes, you can have too much available credit... i doubt I would get approved for a personal loan, even with an 800 credit score, because  I have all my eggs in Navy federals platinum visa credit card,  basket.

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Mar 30, 2017
Absolutely the worst ever!
RWMorris1 Account Holder

First they screwed up on my application to join then couldn't figure out that I had sent them my ID and info correctly just as requested. Then they pulled a switch and bait on the interest rate of a CDS saying it would be 3% and then giving only 1%..., After that it went down hill with everything from lies about how much I could quailify for on a home loan to even agreeing to fund one at all! Baout the only "benefit" of membership in this credit union is a gaurenteed reduction in your credit score so if you are thinking of joining DON'T! If you already have.... find a real credit union to join because these people will screw you over! Am I disdsatisfied? You're darned right I am.... I am going to try to get them to let me cash out of that crappy CD they sold me and move my money back to my Ally account were the savings account pays more than their CD or savings! I am a Disabled Vet and shouldn't be treated like they treat people. If you don't believe me look at the over 300 one star ratings they have on Consumer Reports!

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Mar 28, 2017
Poor system deceptive process
jvlynn20190 Account Holder

This is not a question but more of a statement. Today, I actually cursed at one of your employees. She was unable to do what another representative could. Now first before I go into detail, I do not condone my langue used on your employee but I also do not regret it. This all began with a credit card application. Apparently, your system offered me a card that was unsecured. I had originally called in for a secured credit card assuming my credit was not strong enough for to be approved by NFCU since USAA only approved me for a secured. Fun fact, USAA ran my credit score for an unsecured and it came back qualified for a secured. They only had to hit my credit once. So as any normal person would, I allowed my application to be processed for the unsecured card. At no point was I informed another credit hit would happen if declined and I spoke to several people. Well, I was declined and told I needed $500 in the bank account to be able to get a secured card. That was a headache in itself since you guys are in NO WAY properly set up for fund transfers, unlike USAA. So I get the $500 eventually transferred. Today it posted so I called to get the secured card. Guess what your poorly run institution wanted to do? Hit my credit score again. This is NO WAY is the industry standard and in 99.9% of the case, a credit report pulled is good for 45 days. 

Clearly, since this is not normal, I asked to speak to a supervisor. That supervisor refused to give me your CEO's office so I could file a complaint. In addition, I asked to speak to an underwriter. She refused to transfer me. Then I asked to speak to someone else. She once again refused to transfer me and said: "I am not transferring you to anyone else". This is just a poor choice to do in general when a customer is upset with a rep. So then I said transfer me to someone who would close all my accounts. She said she could do that. She took her time and I firmly said transfer me or I would get ruder. Well, she didn't, so I became outright rude. She disconnected the call. She could have just done as I had asked and transferred the call. There was not a reason for her and I to continue talking. 

I then clearly call back and said hey, I have to close my account because an error on your end is going to cost me a hit on my credit and I don't want that. I was offered an attempt to make an exception and that someone would ask an underwriter to make that exception (which shouldn't be an exception). Well, it couldn't be done because of your poor business practices. I talked to a lady to cancel my account and realized if I canceled that my possible future children wouldn't be allowed an account and if for some reason you guys got your act together I would want to give them the opportunity to have NFCU. So I said screw it, send me back over to the credit card department and I will just take the hit. So I get transferred back and guess what. I have the same offer that was there before which I got declined for. FIX YOUR SYSTEMS. I had to tell the lady NOT to accept the offer because it was not real and that it was not her fault that it was showing. It was the poorly designed system that NFCU has. FIX YOUR SYSTEMS AND YOUR PROCESS!!!

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Mar 20, 2017
Better than a retail bank
RyaninNaptown Account Holder

I've had accounts, loans, and a credit card with NFCU for nearly 10 years.  I've not ever had a bad experience with this credit union, but I have also (thankfully) always been able to keep an adequate income and make all payments on time.

I'm not certain if they have the best rates on various things, but I've always been able to talk to a human when I need to, and I can do most everything that I need from their web and app interfaces.  When I'm not near a branch, I always appreciate the refund allowance for 3rd party ATMs (I believe that this refund is dependent on your account type and I'm not sure which accounts offer it).

Their 1.5% cash back credit card is straightforward and easy to redeem via transfer to any of my NFCU accounts or to the credit card itself.

I imagine I'll be a member long into the future.

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