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Apr 21, 2017
Battle Buddy Approved
Anonymous Account Holder

First let me say that I am disappointed to read some of the bad experiences people have had with NavyFederal, they are truly troubling. 

As for my own experience with NavyFederal(NF) I have been extremely happy with them. They have been very, very generous to me and my family. For the record though, I will say that my VA refinance process with them was a little less than perfect. I The first two loan processor seemed to be a little incompetent, to busy for me, or both. Needless to say, the 3rd processor got it closed in no time with no issues which made me wonder what had happened with the first two. 

Since starting with NF, I have my mortgage, 2 auto loans, checking, savings, CC, etc with them. I am extremely happy with ALL my products bar none. I don't know that I would want to bank anywhere else and the fact that they have been expanding branches closer and closer to home is only a plus. One HUGE thing, in addition to the nice little bonus they kicked in towards my closing cost when i funded my loan with them, they don't sell their mortgage loans! and they service in house!! This is and continues to be one of the best selling points when it comes to mortgages with them. 

I hope those who have are having negative experiences with them get them resolved satisfactorily. And for those of you who are thinking about trying them, I HIGHY recommend them.

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Nov 18, 2016
Stay away this is not a true credit unio
Anonymous Account Holder

After banking with navy federal for ten years they finally used the old bait and switch to close my credit card account. I was out of work for three months and looking for work frantically. I always paid for insurance on any loan or credit card for disability,death or unemployed situations. I submitted my request after I was laid off and was denied. For what reason I have no Idea. Nfcu would not give a clear answer. After three months of no income I fell behind. I found work finally and made the payments to catch up on everything. Then nfcu closed my accounts and removed the insurance. They are reporting my accounts closed on my credit which has tanked over a 100 points in the past week. I have retained an attorney and plan on fighting this. They charged me for a service to protect me if I was hurt or ever out of work and than as soon as I really needed it they denied me and threw down the hammer. Don't bank with them

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Oct 13, 2017
Hopforever1 Account Holder

This credit Union has helped me restore my Credit, obtain loans and credit cards!

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Sep 29, 2017
KplusJ Account Holder

Navy federal is ok, good rates because it’s a credit union. In terms of their credit cards they offer generous limits even to those of us with less than stellar credit. Olg negative thing I have to say it this point is their terrible unprofessional handling of my fraud dispute on my credit card. They were terrible and highly inconvenient. Everything is done by paper, so old fashioned and out dated. Every time I have had a dispute with either my discover or chase accounts everything was fine, quick simple and easy. And I’ll add electronic. Navy federal does not not handle their disputes electronically they send you letters to respond to by snail mail before hey even consider crediting your account. With chase and discover I had my money in my account within 1 day, no issues. Navy federal made it as difficult as possible and to be honest they really did absolutely noyhing but inconvenience me when it was all said and done. I ended up fixing the problem myself on my own, with the merchant and pay pal months later. If I hadn’t been persistent I would have just written that money off because navy federal was not going to do their part to get it back. Then they had he nerve to send me a survey saying “we were glad to have helped you” please navy federal you didn’t do s*** to help me. Thanks for nothing. 

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Sep 29, 2017
Navy Federal is the Best!
MaOfficial Account Holder

I opened my Navy Federal account and within a few days had a new Visa Rewards credit card. Within a month I was able to refinance my car at 3.79% APR, and my checking account is wonderful to have. Uploading checks via the mobile app is easy, though I will say you must follow their directions to the T or they will reject it. After reading some other stories from various groups, I'm inclined to say that NFCU is a CU that will come to your aid and help you get your finances right. If you screw them over, there is no comming back! 

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Sep 06, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

They give you a chance!

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Sep 06, 2017
Lousy Customer Service. Disrespectful
troywharton Account Holder

If i could give Zero Stars i gladly would. I was told Navy Federal is a good banking institution, i need to find that person that told me that, and give them piece of my mind. O had this disgusting banking institution for about 8 to 10 months. Paryt of my direct deposit goes there, and i was thinking of opening a Certificate of Deposit and getting a credit card to rebuild my credit. My mother, wrote me a check for $5000. I figured, I'll deposit it into Navy Federal. I called them up, they said, i can take a photo of my check and deposit it. I put my account number on it, took a photo of it through THEIR APP, and deposited it. I received an email stating it was declined, i called, and they said it must have for deposit only. So, i did that, and it was declined. I called them, they said for eDeposit Only at NFCU must be at the back of it, i did that, they declined it. I got another email from the fraud department, they said the check looks fraudulent. I stated, "that check is from my mom, she's not a crook". They proceeded to tell me that my account is now suspended. I NEVER TOLD THEM TO FREEZE MY ACCOUNT. My direct deposit is about to go in there and they froze it. They're saying that the signature on the front of the check doesn't look real, so they're freezing my account, until i can prove it's real. I have to go to their branch, 118 miles away in 1 direction. The reps were rude and disgusting. They were insulting to me and my mother. They were very disrespectful towards my mom. I 100% hate this bank and i wish nothing but bad on them. The rep in the fraud dept was an absolute nightmare. I need to close my account and transfer my money to another bank. Navy Federal are Rude, Insulting, Condescending, Sarcastic... and they say they care about MILITARY? I bust my butt for this country and you insult my mother? MY MOTHER ISN'T A CROOK. How dear you even ATTEMPT to disresprct someone's mom.

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Sep 05, 2017
Extremely customer friendly!!!
QueenCook Account Holder

As a customer of 14 years, I love Navy Federal Credit Union.  With each passing year, it gets better and better with new technology and products.  I was able to open CD accounts, another second checking account for bills, and borrow money to purchase my car all online.  My branch is nearby when I need it.  Also, transferring money to my family members within the credit union is so easy.  I have nothing but a great experience at Navy Federal Credit Union.

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Aug 31, 2017
Fraud department is horriable
Anonymous Account Holder

I will never bank with this company again!!!! My account has been frauded and Navy federal has refused to reverse the fraud charges. Unstead of honoring me as a loyal customer they have only revictized me once again. Terriable service all the way around.

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Aug 03, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

I applied for an checking and savings. There was a bit of a mix up with documents to verify my identity but overall good. Then applied for a credit card and got approved the same day. Once applied I called into the cutomer service number to ask them could they give me a response now opposed to the 24hr wait. And sure enough I got approved for 24K limit. Keep in mind i have never had a limit higher than 2k. I am 3 year post BK and my scores are 679/694/638 probabbly a little higher becuase i had paid down my cards a month ago and i have not seen my new scores yet. BUt yes I am loving my new accts with Navy Federal. 

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Jul 07, 2017
Don't see what the fuss is about
SamShep45 Account Holder

A relative talked me into joining this credit union stating how great their customer service is. I've been looking for a debt consolidation loan just to have one payment a month rather than several. Got turned down for the loan but persuaded into opening a credit card. My credit score is higher than my relative's - he was approved for $15,000, I was approved for $2500!! I instantly closed the credit card and my account. Must be a scam somehow, maybe for people with low credit? Would not recommend unless you are desperate.

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