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NFCU is great Helpful to 18 out of 18 people

I have been rebuilding my credit for the last two years and i am down to having a just a few collections and they will be paid off soon, my score ranges from the high 500's to low 600's I could not get an unsecured card from anyone and I got a preapproval notice from NFCU applied i got a 5000 limit with a 16% interest rate. Capital one charges 22.9 on thier secured card...

crashthecowkiller's review was:    

  Apr 24, 2013 Reply

crashthecowkiller(4, 33)

Review by crashthecowkiller

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Helpful to 9 out of 10 people

Now pay this one on time for 12 to 18 months and you can ask for their normal interest rate of around 8.9%.BTW,  Start each month with a written budget, forget the new ride and don't see the inside of a resturant unless you are working there.  Pay smallest debt to largest ( called the snowball effect)!  Good Luck

stgcret's reply was:    

  Apr 27, 2013

stgcret(3, 9)

Review by stgcret

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Helpful to 0 out of 1 people

They hooked me that way too. Wait till you try to get a review and an increase, after youve worked your butt off to pay their card down. They love collecting that interest

twincam1108's reply was:    

  Jan 17, 2014

twincam1108(4, 4)

Review by twincam1108

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EXCELLENT Customer Service Helpful to 8 out of 8 people

My husband and I have been working through combining our finances - never an easy process! He has been with NFCU for a while now, and we decided I would leave my other banks and move over. Well, to make a long story short, I accidentally endorsed a check from an old account with my married name, and the account was still in my maiden name. My old bank didn't catch the "problem" in time, so they released the money to NFCU, and then decided to pull it back. This resulted in a "returned deposit fee" from NFCU. Feeling VERY silly, I called NFCU to just see what, if anything, they could do. Five minutes and one very pleasant phone call later, they refunded the fee! The customer service was amazing, and I really appreciated the recognition that this was an honest mistake.  I was a little skeptical about leaving my other banks, but now I'm sold. Hooray, NFCU!

Feb 15, 2013 Reply

I am so glad someone had good customer service there. I had gone through a divorce,changed to an individual account and i explained my financial circumstances letting the representative know i tried working with creditors prior to applying for a consolidation loan which i did not get approved for, the representative let me know that it was people like me who disgraced credit unions by taking the easy way out. I thought maybe i was getting punked at first because i couldnt believe i was being talked to that way. I hope she never have to be in the position i was in.

shawnb15's reply was:    

  Jan 11, 2014

shawnb15(1, 0)

Review by shawnb15

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NFCU IS THE BEST!!! Helpful to 6 out of 6 people

So I've been workin on my credit for about a year and half... started out drastically low, and have since worked to to mid 600s... I recently signed up to become a member, and the next day applied for an auto loan of 30K... I was approve a 2.79 percent for a new auto, when I realized this might not be enough for the vehicle I wanted I RE-APPLIED for 35k.. and was approved again at the same apr rate. Hands downs the best loan process online, and over the phone. This credit union is awesome!

Dec 06, 2012 Reply
Helpful to 6 out of 6 people

Navy FCU did have a bad track recorded earlier in the 1980's 1990's I believe in the 2000's they made a big turnaround. They brought in as many members as possible and revamped there customer service teams. They have always been generous with Credit lines. I have a 720 Credit score and was instantly approved for 14K Credit card and 15K line of credit, when all other so called big banks Citi, Discover, Amex denied me. I would say chase but they gave me 3K. Navy FCU has proved to me that they will be there and that is way I like this bank. Many other banks such as HSBC, CITI, CHASE have been decreasing there members credit limits to 1k 2k limits according to comments I've seen. NAVY FCU interest rates are low around 6.9% for 720+ when my chase card is currently at 22.9%. I only got it for the 6 month 0%. Navy is the best Credit union out there and the most generous in their Credit offers. I highly recommend them if you are in the service or DOD Civilian.

pauly2221's review was:    

  Feb 23, 2011 Reply

pauly2221(27, 132)

Top Contributor

Review by pauly2221

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Helpful to 1 out of 1 people

Totally agree....their credit card rates are very good and stay at same rate......right now they have a nice balance transfer deal going on too

Stisi's reply was:    

  Mar 02, 2012

Stisi(2, 1)

Review by Stisi

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NFCU Great place to bank Helpful to 5 out of 5 people

I have been with Navy Fed for several years but never tried any of their product. Last year new car loan for 1.79% and a credit card with 7500 limit. I have had some issue with credit do to being disable because of a medical situtation and took a few dings on my credit and they have fully taken care of me when I needed it. They will be my CU for life. 

RetiredNavyguy's review was:    

  Jan 02, 2014 Reply

RetiredNavyguy(1, 5)

Review by RetiredNavyguy

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ALL MY LOANS ARE AT NAVYFED Helpful to 5 out of 5 people

Navy fed has beat every bank i looked at for loans, plus they give me a ..25% discount on top of thier currently loan rates for being a memeber, I have had accounts with this bank for over 20 years

onehardog's review was:    

  Apr 30, 2013 Reply

onehardog(2, 6)

Review by onehardog

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Helpful to 5 out of 5 people

I have been with NFCU since about 1997.  My credit has come from non-existent to exellent to poor and everything inbetween through the years.  Wherever I have been with my finances they have been right there with me to help me through.  From their great customer service to their excellent offers, I cannot say anything bad about NFCU.  Even though I do not have a local branch available to me (I have to drive an hour to the closest location that is on a Navy base that isn't even readily accessable to me since seperating from the Navy) I still will not even consider dropping them as my primary credit union.  I can't say enough good about them.

jenjor78's review was:    

  Aug 14, 2012 Reply

jenjor78(1, 5)

Review by jenjor78

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Helpful to 8 out of 9 people

Navy Federal is a good credit union.  Their size (largest CU in the US) offers resources beyond what most credit unions can offer.  They update Mint without issues or cost.

Grayleaf's review was:    

  Apr 11, 2011 Reply

Grayleaf(5, 38)

Review by Grayleaf

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Helpful to 0 out of 7 people

I disagree, they lured me into getting a credit card to consolidate my bills, which did help after my job loss. However, after paying 3 times the monthly bill for over a year, they refuse to lower my interest rate. That tells me one thing, that they are not interested in helping me with anything and just want as much money as possible. Now that my job is in question, thanks to this ridiculous president, Im in the same boat as before. So, NO they are not a good choice

twincam1108's reply was:    

  Sep 16, 2013

twincam1108(4, 4)

Review by twincam1108

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MS1(SS)USN/DAV/Retired Helpful to 4 out of 4 people

I am working on my weak credit score to achieve a higher point in order to acquire a small loan with NFCU.  I had been a member of other Bail out banks and never got the professional service NFCU offers.  Sometimes I run short from month to month and I am signed up with overdraft protection, meaning that I could go up to 500 overdrawn till the next month and it only costs me 20.00 per accurance.  You can't evern do a check (payday loan) advance for this small fee.  My credit score is 615 due to filing a bankrupcy last year.  I am sure within the next 4-6 months I will beable to get a loan at nfcu. 

plmrtnsn's review was:    

  Oct 01, 2012 Reply

plmrtnsn(2, 4)

Review by plmrtnsn

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Fantastic customer service. Helpful to 11 out of 13 people

Great bank through and through. Applied for a credit card with a 583 CK and was approved for 7000. Also applied for an ODLOC and was approved for 3000. This bank has treated me very well so far, and have been so awesome and friendly. Highly recommend them to anyone right now. 

kelvinmizu273's review was:    

  Aug 11, 2013 Reply

kelvinmizu273(1, 11)

Review by kelvinmizu273

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Company Overview

Navy Federal Credit Union provides financial services to members of the military and their families from the Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force, and Department of Defense. Financial products available to members include auto loans, credit cards, home equity, mortgages, checking, savings, and money market accounts. Business accounts are also available. Members can access their accounts using online or mobile banking services. Online service also features bill pay, account transfers, check ordering, viewable account history, and loan payments. Customer service is available online, over the phone, or in branch locations worldwide.

Founded in 1933, Navy Federal Credit Union is one of the world’s largest credit unions with $48 billion in assets. Operating by the motto, “We serve where you serve", Navy Federal Credit Union has over 3 million members.

Company Details

Navy Federal Credit Union

  • Established: 1933
  • Headquarters: Vienna, Virginia
  • Website:
  • Products: Banking, Credit Cards, Home Equity, Loans, Mortgages
  • Assets: $48 billion
  • Available: Online, by phone, in branches; nationwide

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