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Mar 19, 2019
Best banking experience hands down.
Membody Account Holder

You can call them about any service 24/7. I called with loan application questions at 2am and, sure enough, I got to speak with a human being. They actually answer my questions and help me learn about credit, credit cards, loans, etc.

They gave me a massive 25K credit limit on my very first unsecured credit card and beat every other auto loan rate quote I got for my first car.

The mobile app is super easy to use and I literally have never needed to visit a branch, ever. I think the closest one is 75 miles away in Miami anyway, lol.

Navy Fed helped me to grow from someone without a clue about finances into a responsible borrower within a matter of 2 years.

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Mar 15, 2019
Love the Service!!
Cruises72 Account Holder

I have been with Navy Federal for many years and absolutely love them! Great customer service. I recently ordered something online and my account was hacked. Navy Fed was WONDERFUL in helping me to resolve this and get my money/account back right!  The rates and service can not be beat! Customer for life!!!

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Dec 24, 2018
Long time customer
Ladysha113 Account Holder

 I love this credit union. They’ve always been extremely helpful & have excellent customer service. Always quick & easy

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Dec 24, 2018
Stryker421 Account Holder

So I had my account hacked awhile back. Luckily, I used the account purely for their credit card, so only petty cash was in the account at the time but I did have a substantial amount of points. The hackers gained access somehow (unknown to this day) and redeemed my points in the form of Apple Gift cards. 

As soon as I learned this, I contacted customer support and they took care of everything! They immediately took the matter very seriously by closing that account, opening up a new account simultaneously, and reissued all new cards. They walked me thru some steps to prevent this from ever happening again and so far it has been wonderful. 

The only annoyance out of this entire matter I had was it took a rather long time for them to issue me the points I lost. Their fraud department dragged their feet with me calling at least once a week for an update. After about a month or so, I was given all my points back thankfully. 

I justed wanted to highlight this bank since even though it’s a credit union and over looked by many, Navy Federal is an amazing bank! 

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Sep 18, 2018
Ive loved them for years
Pookiesauce Account Holder

The customer service is great. Everytime i walk into the branch I feel welcomed. They offer me better rates when I qualify and Ive had no issues with the upgrading process! Ill never leave NFCU

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Sep 14, 2018
You are expected to fix their mistakes
MikeinMD2 Account Holder

Claims department tells me to submit a claim after receiving damaged bills from an ATM, and I do so, following the exact instructions I was given. Claims dept then sends me a message telling me essentially, "Not our fault. You fix it." BEP says it will take up to 6 months (!) to replace the $40 they lost. Just imagine if it were a more substantial ammount of money, this could literally get someone kicked out of their house or to default on a payment. Just awful, uncaring service from one of the country's biggest credit unions. SMH... 

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Jun 17, 2018
totally incompetent
hadenuf Account Holder

In September 2017, I opened a checking & savings account with Navy Federal Credit Union. They accepted over $3500 in deposits. To date,--I have had no access to these accounts. NFCU has repeatedly requested ID documents. I have uploaded, emailed. faxed, and physically mailed--copies of my Photo ID, Social Security card, utility bills with address, and Passport 8 (eight) times. Most recently, (June 12) I visited the Clearwater, FL branch while on vacation. I presented my PA photo driver's license and requested my accounts be closed, and my money returned to me. I had called Customer Service 2 hours previoulsy and was told by Teresa that is what was required. After a speaking with Marie and then the manager-- I was told I would have to physically present my social security card. The manager: Megan, left me sitting while she dealt with another customer. After being in the bank for 55 minutes, I left. I am out of ideas as to how to get my funds returned to me. I have been in touch with Security, Membership--anyone I can think of.

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Nov 10, 2018

Get legal counsel

May 08, 2018
Fair and quick
COSCRO Account Holder

Very fair lending practices.

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