NASA FCU Reviews
Sep 26, 2016
Avoid like the plague - do not apply!

Was just looking to get an eventual 0 down mortgage but after dealing with their horrid customer service and insane denial on cc I have no interest in the bank whatsoever. 

To open up an saving account they convinced me to apply for a cc.  I applied for a credit card as a non member and got denied,  even thought I have great credit and have never been denied by any bank . Dont even bother applying for this bank for anything as the customer service has been laughably horrible! 

Here are my experian stats which they think is not good enough:

757 fico 8

7% utilization across all cc and lines. 

Near 50000 in credit lines. 

One card with 20000 lowest 6250

0 missed payments. 

8 year oldest account 

0 derogatory. 

No public record or collections. 

2 inquiries in last year. 

Apparenty they don't want someone who is responsible and will pay on time.  This leads me to believe they want crappy applicants who will give them profits on late fees, interest on those maxing card out their cards and such.  Even got hung up on twice as they have no interest in being polite or helping people!  What a joke! 

They also wanted to re hard pull just to open up a saving account and could not use the cc pull,  even though they told me prior I could which is only reason I applied. 

No thanks!  Move along. 

Don't waste that hard pull! At this point I would deny any thing they would have offered!

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