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NASA Federal Credit Union

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Application Process

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Customer Service

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Jan 03, 2017
Vintage app and online banking
cadet326 Account Holder

I've been a member at NASA Federal Credit Union on and off for 15 years. Back when I first opened the account, I felt proud to be a member of an institution affiliated with our nations space agency. In some small way, it made me feel affiliated. When I first joined, it was a joint checking account with my (now) ex-wife. At some point about a year into the account being opened, I went to the ATM and withdrew $300 dollars (that was the unchangeable limit back then). The next 3 days, I again withdrew $300 per day. I had the money available in my account. I didn't live near a branch at the time, so ATM withdrawals were the only way I could get cash from my account. A week later, I checked my account balance, and noticed that none of the withdraws were reflected in my account. $1200 in withdraws, there sat in my account $1200 never touched. I thought for sure something was up, so I spoke to someone on the phone, and they informed me that no withdraws had been made from my account, and that perhaps the ATM made a mistake. I figured I just won the lottery! I went back to that ATM and tried again, and sure enough I was able to withdraw $300 from the ATM. I went inside the Credit Union Branch (at the time was in North Carolina and used a local CU down there since it was "in network"), and explained to them what was going on. They assured me that there were no issues with the ATM and that my bank must be slow to process the withdraw requests. So, I forget all about it, and then 2 weeks later go back and withdraw another $1200 dollars. I then checked my balance, and still no withdraws were reflected in my account balance. I was 20 at the time, and thought I had just become the luckiest guy in the world. I had in my possession an ATM card that seemed to be magic. It just kept giving me money. Neither the Bank nor the ATM company said there was an issue, and they both blamed each other for the mistake. Well, a month later I get 30 phone calls in a row until I answer. It's Nasa Federal Credit Union. They told me they are closing my accounts and barring me for life from ever having an account there again. They explained to me that I misused my debit card, and that they had the right to discontinue offering services to me. The entire conversation was rude, and accusatory. And it left me in a pretty tight spot. Even though the money was in my account to recover, by closing the account, they cut off my access to the rest of my funds. 

I made it into a branch about a month later to get more information. Turns out these morons issued me a debit card with my name on it linked to someone else’s account. With my withdraws and purchases I debited about $4,000 out of someone else’s account. Instead of recognizing their mistake and owning it, they retaliated against me. Fortunately I was able to prove that I had brought this issue to their attention, and even got correspondence from the CU down in NC confirming my side of events. NASA finally reopened new accounts for me, but I seldom used them. So infrequently in fact that eventually the accounts were closed. I just recently went to open new accounts because they were offering great rates on auto financing. It took 2 weeks for them to open an account and demanded a bunch of ID verification documents. My Social Security Card had been misplaced. They told me I could go to the SS office and order a new one, and they would accept the order confirmation paper as proof of ID. I uploaded it, and was still told I needed to produce my SS card. Luckily it turned up, but thought it was ridiculous that I had to jump through so many hoops, like a utility bill, Driver’s License, Social Security Card, and Birth Certificate. I wasn’t applying for a passport, it's just a **** savings account. The process took about 2 weeks, and it made me regret my decision. I now have the accounts open and am using them actively. However, the mobile app and online banking are antiques. My iPhone even opens the app with an error saying the developer needs to update it to make it compatible. You can tell by the layout, icons and design that they app is their original iOS design. Their Debit card design is exactly how I remember it from 15 years ago as well. They are definitely stuck behind the times. Someone needs to breathe new life into their mobile/and online platform if they expect to establish new membership and compete with other credit unions or government banks like Navy FCU, or USAA. the 3 branch Farmers bank in my small Carroll County town has a better mobile app.. Just sayin.

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Dec 23, 2016
Bad customer service.
Anonymous Account Holder

Very bad customer service.

Those poeple treat customers like pigs.

I though a credit union will be better than the regular awful corporate banks.

I was wrong , cause they are the same..

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Dec 11, 2016
Absolutely Terrible - Stay away
Anonymous Account Holder

Setup Autopay to make payments and they cancelled it without notification. Afterwards I payed online and they declined my payment without cause nor notification. Terrible benefits.


- I got a really nice credit limit


- Telephone hours are bad

- eBranch Online is horrible

- Mobile app is horrible

- Overall exeperience is terrible

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Nov 08, 2016
Terrible, don't do it!
kingston73 Account Holder

This is the most horrible bank I have ever dealt with, stay away from them at all cost!  Dishonest, zero customer service, just horrible in every way possible.

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Aug 27, 2016
They ruined my life.
Anonymous Account Holder

I applied for a student loan and was told the loan was fine all the way from March to the Friday, in August, before I moved into my dorm. I moved in on Monday and I called them on Tuesday about my loan and they said that there was an application error, that was entirely fixable, that they knew about all the way back in MARCH; they never bothered to mention this or inform us of the issue and it was a simple issue. I had to drop out and move out by second day of college. Never using them again. 

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Apr 04, 2016
Awesome and can not beat 7.9% fixed rate
aztoy4x4 Account Holder

I applied for their credit card and got the standard you will find out later.  I thought oh great an inquiry and denial.  Nope got another Email the next day and was approved for a good credit line.  I paid off my higher rate cards online.  All of them went electronically except for Capital One.  That took about a week and thought it got lost.  Nope after calling telephone banking it showed up paid the next day.  I have been very happy with them.  The miniumum payment on the balance transfter is 2%.  Great place to do business and good people that I talked with on the phone.  The balance transfers can be all done online which gets the other card paid off in a day or 2.

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Feb 22, 2016
Fees & Incompliance: 20+ year member
tsiz23 Account Holder

I've been with NASAFCU since before I had real money. They were my first bank. All I knew until recently. This is my experiance.

I've applied for various loans over the years at NASAFCU and always had a problem either getting them finalized or approved. Good luck with getting anything done on the phone. Information from the phone jockeys is often inaccurate. When rejected they give you very little info. If you call about it they will give you the runaround for days. This is the only institution I know of that will reject a $500 secured credit card for someone with more the 4 times that in their accounts.  Capital One approved the same card in 30 seconds and in addition gave around $150 in unsecured credit without being asked. NASAFCU took days to reject and then seemed to not know their own processes after. When approved you might have a problem executing the loan on the backend of the process. I once had to go to the branch to finalize a car loan because nobody would (could?) help me on the phone.

In addition to all this they started charging fees. On my checking account they charged monthly fees. I had to move that account to another credit union to avoid the substantial cost. I decided to keep something open and left some money for a rainy day saving account. Then on my savings account NASAFCU started charging a fee for inactivity, which seems odd for a savings account. I wouldn't have minded this so much if they told me it was coming so I could have fixed it. They say they mailed something but they only thing I got from them in the mail are insurance advertisements I don't want. Keep in mind I'm on paperless billing, no mention of this in my emailbox. I'm not sure why they need so many fees since they're not subject to the same regulation and taxes as a normal bank.

I though the reason to use a credit union over a traditional bank is to avoid these kind of fees and nonsense. In my 20 years with NASAFCU I've written them more complaints then anyone/anything else. Probably about 80% of complaints I lodge with companies have been to NASAFCU. Every interaction seems to be negative.

The bottom line with NASAFCU is that if you don't have enough money in their possession they don't want you around and will treat you like a 2nd class member. If you’re OK with that then go for it, but watch out you don’t cross some imaginary account/loan balance barrier and start getting charged every month like what happened to me twice.

On the other hand the Columbia, MD branch is very good. It's like the eye of the bad banking hurricane.

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Mar 28, 2016

Joined them 4 months ago and applied for a credit card which was approved for $13200--fast forward 2 months when I applied for a $4000 car loan and was instantly approved , 4 days later they disapproved the loan for not long enough credit history. I have several credit cards, a mortgage I have been paying for 6 yrs. and a AMEX Gold Card for 20 years. I think I have a decent credit history.

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