Mutual of Omaha Reviews
Jan 31, 2017
Unethical Claim denials, not helpful

I recently was denied short term disability from Mutual of Omaha for two weeks short term disability to help compensate 60% of my salary for when I needed to be out of work for a preventative surgery. I am BRCA 2 positive and had a preventative double mastectomy and later reconstruction surgery . My doctors wrote several letters stating i am BRCA positive and this is in fact, a medical necessary operation . Mutual continued to deny all my appeals. They need to change their policy coverage when it comes to preventative surgeries due to genetic mutations. They will continue to deny and fight anyone who needs help and it's wrong. This operation saved my life (i had a 89% chance of getting breast cancer before age 40, I am 32 and now I have a less than 1% chance of getting breast cancer. My mother is BRCA2 + and had stage 4 breast cancer when she was 31 years old, I inherited the gene, obviously from her, someone who battled the worst kind of breast cancer at age 31 and i didn't want to go through that when an opportunity to prevent it). I just needed some help on salary compensation for the two weeks i was out of the office. My doctor supplied several letters stating how crucial this operation was in saving my life and that is was "Medically necessary" and I in fact, I do have a "preexisting condition". Mutual of Omaha didn't care. They denied my claim and i am now waiting to appeal it but the representative has yet to get back to me. It's been over a week and i've left several messages. Mutual of Omaha doesn't follow through on what they promise, they don't care about people, they certainly didn't care to help me when I needed them. In the big picture of things, this surgery not only saved my life but it saved thousands of dollars that would have to be paid by insurance companies to help me fight cancer, which I would of developed probably in the next year. I prevented that from happening by taking action and nobody at Mutual of Omaha seemed to care or offer help. It is the year 2017, not 1950. We have evolved in science and insurance providers need to evolve as well. I want to continue to fight Mutual Omaha’s decision to deny my claim, not because I want the money, what I asked from them was a compensation less than $1400 in total. The money is not whats important, whats important is to take a stand on what is right and this company and their actions towards me not only is so wrong but no one had any compassion. Mutual of Omaha is a terrible, unethical organization and i would never ever recommend them.

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