Michigan First CU Reviews
Jun 21, 2017
Loyalty Proves Nothing
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I've been a memeber with this credit union since 2005, literally and my loyalty does not mean much to them. That is clear. I was advised by family, friends and peers to stop checking into third parties for help and go directly to my credit union which I did.. Gave them all my personal business and let them know what was going on, waited and was declined for the loan I applied for. It was for a very small amount at that, less than $1000! This million dollar company can't afford to help out a loyal customer with something so small. I have direct deposit set up to my credit union account, sure thing that they would get their money and they just said no. I'm not asking for a handout, just help. Definitely will be doing some research and taking my services elsewhere moving forward. This is just one of many incidents I've had with Michigan First & potentially, hopefully the last as well!!

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