Merrick Bank Reviews
Aug 17, 2017
I'm really disappointed in Merrick

I've had my Merrick Bank (formerly Hooters) card for over 8 years now and am STILL stuck at a $400 limit.  My payments have always been made on time and from what I've read, that is the main thing they look for when considering giving CLIs (you can't ask them for a CLI).  All of my other cards have been very generous so what's the problem, Merrick?  The one time I called customer service, I did ask the rep about a CLI and all he could say was "Use it now and again".   This bank is frustrating me like no other.

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Jul 27, 2017
1 Contributions 4 People Helped

My identity was stolen and this is one of the "banks" I had to call and close an account. All the other banks were empathic, helpful, and I formative. THIS ONE, however, almost didn't even close the account. The representative'S were uninformed, very unhelpful, and down right rude. I was even hung up on before someone even answered the phone or when the rep didn't want to deal with my issue. Customer service is the worst I've EVER encountered... EVER. I had to deal with this "bank" completely thru the Credit Bureau because the customer service was so awful. I feel sorry for anyone who has to deal with this bank on a regular basis. They must primarily prey on people who have no other choice when it comes to credit. Just horrible

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Aug 18, 2017

If you're making your Monthly payments on time after 5-6months your limit will double.

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