Merrick Bank Reviews
May 18, 2017
Slow payment processing. Late fees!

This may be a "card of last resort" for those with nowhere else to go.  But you still have a right to expect efficiency and honesty.  I mail my payments 10 days before they are due -- and twice this year the payment has posted one day late, with a hefty late fee on top of nearly 30 percent interest.  

Other banks process payments in 3 - 5 days.  So why does Merrick take more than twice as long?  You can blame the postal service once, but twice in six months is more than a coincidence.  I can't prove anything, but it looks suspciious.

I'd recommend steering clear of these guys unless you have no other options.

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May 21, 2017

The card is very good I had a score of 498 and over a six month time my credit score increase to 650 and they increase my credit limit in a six months help me rebuild my credit score and over time I was able to apply for a Discover card and a Capital One card thanks to Merrick Bank

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May 23, 2017
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I contacted this company the day fraudulent changes were placed onto my account.  I couldn't se them online, but i could see my credit limit was maxed out.  All of the charges were to Segpay (whatever that is).  This company does not do things like other companies.  Even though these charges are nothing remotely similar to any charge from your history, they still assume it's you.  Basically, you made the charges and theyre going to investigate to see if you, the customer, is being truthful.  Two weeks after I reported the charges, they were still on my account.  According to Zack, it could take upto 50 days to remove the charges if they find they are fraudulent.  In the meantime, your credit score is lowered.  Not to mention they make you feel like a criminal instead of a victim.  

Other than this, the company has been great.  However, this is a very big deal.  

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