Merrick Bank Reviews
Feb 24, 2017
Payment issues via their website...

So I make a $350 payment on 2/17.  Today I check my account and it's showing payment reversed?!  No ryhme, no reason but a whole lot of incompetence coming out of this bank.  I guess maybe they're hoping to hit me with a late fee which is not going to happen.  This is the second time I've had an issue submitting a payment via thie website.  The first was when I made a payment out of my Wells Fargo bank account.  Payment showed processed but a couple of days past the due date I checked the account and it showed no payment never made/received.  I called and got no where with the rep and was told to make the payment over the phone which I did.   I'm done with these idiots.

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Jan 28, 2017
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I hate to see so many bad reviews for this card. I think it's coming from people that just don't understand how credit works. I've had the card for almost two years. I started with $200 and since have gotten numerous credit increases without adding more money to the card. It has helped build my credit so much that I was just approved for a Citi Card with a credit limit of $4,000! A West ELM card with $2,000, Capital One Card with $750.00.

The key is to pay your cards on time every month and try to keep the Merrick Bank (and most cards) below the credit limit.

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Feb 21, 2017
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I applied for this credit card when my score was a little under 600 paid my payments on time after 7th payment my credit line doubled.

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