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Apr 24, 2017
No problems here
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I have been reading thru the negative as well as the positive reviews on this card. I have come to the conclusion that the majority of negative reviews stem from ppl not fully reading the terms and conditions of usage on this card and that many of them are in a great hurry to max out their cards smh. However, I have had this card for close to seven months now and I have not had any problems. I am hoping that Merrick will double my limit as promised in their mailer. I will not use my card if and when it happens, because I am trying to bring my utilization down. Kudos to those positive reviewers and keep up the good work. We all are trying to "clean up what we messed up" on our journey to credit wellness.

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Apr 10, 2017
Just lie to much
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I was told it was 36 dollars per year after the first year it's billed 3 dollars per month I was billed 6 for the past three months called today to check on it and she says it's always been 72 per year and 6 per month even though I just payed 36 for my yearly fee in January she then tells me she can't look up any transactions before January 2017 so just horrible I closed my card out today I was being charged all kinds of fees but I ignored and payed it because I just wanted to build my credit which it helped some not worth the fees they charge I'll have to open a third capital one card who are straight forward but they just lie about everything and I don't have the time to check and call and wait and try to clear up problems every month with people who are unprofessional or either can barely speak English 

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Apr 18, 2017
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I've had this card 1 year now. Got it with a credit score of low 600s, now I'm in the low 700s and not had a single credit line increase. Still stuck at 1,000. The fico score is a joke, it never updates! I was promised a limit increase after 7 payments and nothing. Just going to cancel it now that I have a AMEX with a 10,000 limit.

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