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Merrick Bank

3.3 out of 5 stars
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Application Process

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Feb 26, 2016
High APR but GREAT card for rebuilding
CreditBuilder87 Account Holder

Got this card when I first started to use CK. I think I had a score in the low 600's at the time and was approved for $600. After 6months of ontime payments it jumped to $1200. I have had this card for a full year as of last month but I havent gotten a second increase yet so im just waiting. The APR is high so NEVER let your balance transfer into the next month unless its an emergency. Overall I would highly recomend this card to anyone who is trying to rebuild their credit. Since opening CK I have a score above 700 and started with one below 600. So it CAN BE DONE, dont give up. Also CK might say your chances are good but just remember thats an ESTIMATE based on other people. You always want to go to the cards website directly in order to see if they have a pre qualification process so it does not hurt your credit score. 


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Most Helpful Negative Review

Apr 04, 2016
Keeps their promise
strawmellow Account Holder

I applied for this card under the premise that they would double my credit line after 7 months of on-time payments. I was skeptical, but saw a lot of positive reviews that claimed the company did in fact stay true to their word. I waited 7 months before posting this review as I wanted to make sure it happened. Guess what? It did! I started off with a $700 unsecured credit line, and just shy of 2 weeks after the 7-month mark hit my credit line was doubled. I didn't even use the card for about 3 months, which I thought might affect my eligibility.

The high interest rate makes it not as appealing of a card to some, but as somebody who is rebuilding credit and often only gets approved for very low amounts of credit this is a pretty good card to have on hand for emergences.

However, one last word of advice is not to lose the card. I thought I lost my card and requested a new one, which was happily sent out if I agreed to a $15 replacement fee. Not happy about that, particularly because I found my card the next week (go figure).

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These reviews were written by current and former account holders in the last year.

Feb 19, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

I had this credit card and I am a single mom and they told me i could apply for their financial help plan, because I had lost my job. Well they kept changing the month I could apply for it in first it was February than April the September of 2017.. ALL in the same phone call!!! How do you have three different people tell a customer 3 different dates!!! This is a horrible company to go through. and then they told me they won't help me until it gets sent to collections... I will NEVER reccomend this card to anyone...

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Feb 18, 2017
Excellent for rebuilding credit
Anonymous Account Holder

I have had this card for s few years without any problems. I do however pay 2 weeks before my due date and pay half balance due. I get increases every 6 months. I never had to call customer service.

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Feb 16, 2017
Had cancer.
jameswptv Account Holder

I had cancer and missed months of work and went through a divorce in the same year. I fell behind in my bills and missed a few payments on more than one card. I explained my situation and most card removed thelate payments from my history since I try to keep a 0 balance now. Merrick had no interest in helping me with my credit report at all. Got a TO BAD SO SAD attitude  Canceled the card that day. 

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Feb 14, 2017
Double your limit offer
Anonymous Account Holder

Don't do it.  I've paid every bill on time and they have'nt  held up their end of the agreement. 3 months past due now for my limit increase. Canceling card.

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Feb 08, 2017
TERRIBLE customer service
boyinblue58 Account Holder

Had this card for 5 years. Haven't used it in a while and went to use and was declined. Ended up using another card to get out line after the embarrassment. I called Merrick and asked why they declined a $12 transaction. I was informed that they placed a fraud block on my account due to a suspicious phone call regarding my account 3 days prior. My issue isnt with the block, it's with them failing to tell me that they put one on and embarassing me at the check out line in the grocery store. With all the technology, they couldn't have sent a text, email, letter or phone call to say we blocked your card??? Just leave the customer hanging huh? Then they have the balls to tell me it was "for my protection". Uh, no it was for theirs. I wouldn't have been on the hook for a fraudulent transaction, they would. Common sense would dictate that they immediately contact me to verify the activity and then send me to the fraud dept. Not WAIT for me to call days later and then offer to send me to the fraud dept. 

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Feb 07, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Worst bank ever! I have auto pay but according to them payment is late. My fee was not refund and they have the worst customer service. They are rude!

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Feb 01, 2017
Horrible Customer Service
cjacks45 Account Holder

I had fraud on my account, after about 2.5 weeks I called to get a update, the gal the I spoke with was not only rude, but careless. I typically dont like to leave bad review unless it went over the line.  They could care less to lose you as a customer.  I had been with them a year at that point.  Honestly, go else where....Not helpful, careles, and scripted the whole time. 

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Jan 17, 2017
Didn't honor credit limit increase
Chimi7 Account Holder

I received a letter in the mail in April 2016, offering an unsecured VISA card with a $1000 credit limit & stating I would receive an automatic doubling of my credit limit after making 7 on-time payments of at least the minimum amount due. After reading other reviews, I decided to apply & received my card in May 2016 with a $1000 credit limit. I've used my card a lot & I did approach my credit limit, but I've never gone over my limit & I always pay at least the minimum due, on time or early each month & sometimes pay twice a month. My card is in good standing & I just received my 8th statement & still no credit limit increase. After not receiving the credit increase after the 7th statement, I called Merrick & although the rep was nice, she couldn't tell me why I didn't receive the credit limit increase I was promised in my credit card invitation. In fact, she asked me if I had the letter to show that I was told my credit limit would be doubled after 7 on time payments of at least the minimum amount due. I told her I didn't think I would need to save it because I thought they would keep their word & that I likely threw the letter away since I couldn't find it (my mistake). She told me that they don't show me as having received that double your limit offer. I asked the rep if I was doing anything wrong which would preclude me from receiving a credit limit increase & she told me that my account showed they will regularly review for increases as long as I'm eligible, but she wouldn't tell me what I needed to be doing to be considered eligible. As far as I'm concerned, I always pay on time or early & always pay at least if not more than the minimum due & based on the letter that I DID receive, I AM eligible. Overall, this is a good card & I like that it's a VISA because I shop at Costco & Costco only takes VISA or cash. Their online app is adequate, but if I want to view my online statement, I have to use my laptop because the mobile app doesn't allow the viewing of statements. Overall, I'm happy with the card, & the high interest rate is to be expected for any card that is designed to help people build or rebuild credit. The main reason I didn't rate this card above 3 stars is because they didn't keep the promise that led me to apply for their card in the first place & their customer service rep, although friendly, wasn't helpful & couldn't answer my questions.

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Jan 17, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Merrick bank was true to they word. they increased me from $700 to $1400 in exactly 6 months, when I received my email I was excited..If your wondering about a great card please accept the offer if you ever receive one from them

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Jan 08, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

I have not had any major issues or concerns, customer was good!

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