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Jun 05, 2017
aidanzmom Account Holder

I have had an unsecured Merrick credit card now for 7 mos , just like they promised , they doubled my limit about a week after my 7th payment . I have never had an issue with them . I cant afford to pay off my balances completely but I always pay online about 2weeks and I always pay more than the minimum owed early and they have always credited my acct within a couple days . I have never had any issues with this card and it has helped my credit and I now have a $1400 credit limit which I will try not to use , only in emergencies .

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Jan 17, 2017
Didn't honor credit limit increase
Chimi7 Account Holder

I received a letter in the mail in April 2016, offering an unsecured VISA card with a $1000 credit limit & stating I would receive an automatic doubling of my credit limit after making 7 on-time payments of at least the minimum amount due. After reading other reviews, I decided to apply & received my card in May 2016 with a $1000 credit limit. I've used my card a lot & I did approach my credit limit, but I've never gone over my limit & I always pay at least the minimum due, on time or early each month & sometimes pay twice a month. My card is in good standing & I just received my 8th statement & still no credit limit increase. After not receiving the credit increase after the 7th statement, I called Merrick & although the rep was nice, she couldn't tell me why I didn't receive the credit limit increase I was promised in my credit card invitation. In fact, she asked me if I had the letter to show that I was told my credit limit would be doubled after 7 on time payments of at least the minimum amount due. I told her I didn't think I would need to save it because I thought they would keep their word & that I likely threw the letter away since I couldn't find it (my mistake). She told me that they don't show me as having received that double your limit offer. I asked the rep if I was doing anything wrong which would preclude me from receiving a credit limit increase & she told me that my account showed they will regularly review for increases as long as I'm eligible, but she wouldn't tell me what I needed to be doing to be considered eligible. As far as I'm concerned, I always pay on time or early & always pay at least if not more than the minimum due & based on the letter that I DID receive, I AM eligible. Overall, this is a good card & I like that it's a VISA because I shop at Costco & Costco only takes VISA or cash. Their online app is adequate, but if I want to view my online statement, I have to use my laptop because the mobile app doesn't allow the viewing of statements. Overall, I'm happy with the card, & the high interest rate is to be expected for any card that is designed to help people build or rebuild credit. The main reason I didn't rate this card above 3 stars is because they didn't keep the promise that led me to apply for their card in the first place & their customer service rep, although friendly, wasn't helpful & couldn't answer my questions.

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Sep 28, 2017
Great for reestablishing credit.
Anonymous Account Holder

After the first year $3 a month.  I started out with a $600 limit, increased after 5 or 6 payments to 1200.  After a year its now 1400.  Payments are easy to do from an iPhone with the app.  I set up auto pay for the minimum ammount deirectly taken from my checking each month.  If i want to pay more than minimum I just log on and make an additional payment.

The monthly fee is what it is.  There are not may banks out there who would give me a card to help reestablish... I have no complaints.  Thanks Merrick!

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Sep 07, 2017
Reliable and trustworthy
WayneR5 Account Holder

I did a pre-qual online after I saw the card on nerd wallet. I was approved for a $650 limit on 2/07/17, with a promise to double the limit after 7 months of on time payments. At the time, my score was around 580. Today (9/07/17), they doubled my limit to $1300. I like companies that keep their word, and i'm very impressed and thankful.

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Aug 29, 2017
Solid little deal
Anonymous Account Holder

If your working to repair your credit, are responsible, make on time payments and pay more than the minimum balance, then this is for you.

Nothing special, not a high spending limit but it does its job. Their online sytem is a little choppy and hard to utilize.

Customer service has always been polite and effecient whenever ive contacted them.

My APR% is about 25%

I reccomend capital one FIRST

but merrick is a close SECOND.

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Aug 22, 2017
Fine ...No Problems
LoveValentine Account Holder

I received the $700 offer in the mail with the potenital of doubling in six months. I neverr applied for it.  I always paid a few more dollars than the minimum on time. I received without requesting, an increase to $1400 before my 7th payment was due. My interest rate is 23.45% on purchases and 28.45% cash. I do not think it really helped my credit score, (currently 681 and 689) with two of the agencies. I have other credit cards and utilize them about 75% (too high)  not counting Merrick Bank. 

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Aug 17, 2017
I'm really disappointed in Merrick
Anonymous Account Holder

I've had my Merrick Bank (formerly Hooters) card for over 8 years now and am STILL stuck at a $400 limit.  My payments have always been made on time and from what I've read, that is the main thing they look for when considering giving CLIs (you can't ask them for a CLI).  All of my other cards have been very generous so what's the problem, Merrick?  The one time I called customer service, I did ask the rep about a CLI and all he could say was "Use it now and again".   This bank is frustrating me like no other.

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Jul 13, 2017
only one issue with the card
Anonymous Account Holder

well everything has been ok so far.  I got this card to do some repair work then paid is down . then i decided i had and old phone so i upgraded to new unlocked phone and cost me a chunk of change. so I used this card. no problems. doubled my limit  in 7 months as promised. the only issue I have my fico score keeps showing the same old thing all the time.

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Jul 11, 2017
Risk Takers
Anonymous Account Holder

Sent me offer in less than 1 year after Bankruptcy chapter 7 accepted for $1250 with 698 Fico supposed to double in 7 months.

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Jun 28, 2017
JAH96707 Account Holder

Received a pre-approved letter in November of 2016, I ended up applying with a FICO score of 575. I was approved and received my CC in December of 2016 with a $600 line of credit, after making 5 consecutive payments on time; I received a credit increse of $600 totaling to $1200. As of 6/27/2017 my FICO is 725 and I couldnt be more pleased with my decision to accept Merrick Banks pre-approval invitation. To avoid any payment complications, I always paid my balance in full through their online payment options. 

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Jun 26, 2017
They care when you pay and they let othe
Anonymous Account Holder

They care when you pay and they let others know that you pay on time it's awesome and

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