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Jan 07, 2016
Never had a problem with them
HoraceRumpole Account Holder

Merrick issued me a VISA card when my FICO was borderline and I had a recent bankruptcy.  I knew the interest rate was high, but I expected that.  There is not rewards program, but again I knew and accepted that.  I make payments on time, usually paying the balance in full.  I've had occasion to deal with Customer Service a few times and found them courteous and helpful.  The Double Your Credit Limit program is legit - make the first 6 months payments on time and the credit increase is automatic.  This has allowed me to improve my FICO to the point where I can now get other credit.  In short, my experience with them has been excellent.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Aug 25, 2012
djcarson76 Account Holder

 As someone who is in the process of rebuilding my credit, I was just happy that I was given an unsecured line of crredit.  The intrest rate is a little high, but I dont carry a balance. After 6 months my credit line went up.  Customer service is okay and payments post the next day. I really cant complain about this card

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May 18, 2017
Slow payment processing. Late fees!
Anonymous Account Holder

This may be a "card of last resort" for those with nowhere else to go.  But you still have a right to expect efficiency and honesty.  I mail my payments 10 days before they are due -- and twice this year the payment has posted one day late, with a hefty late fee on top of nearly 30 percent interest.  

Other banks process payments in 3 - 5 days.  So why does Merrick take more than twice as long?  You can blame the postal service once, but twice in six months is more than a coincidence.  I can't prove anything, but it looks suspciious.

I'd recommend steering clear of these guys unless you have no other options.

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May 16, 2017
Decent no-frills Visa card
divisionBy0 Account Holder

I applied for this card in the midst of an emergency situation and was fully aware of the high APR and low TL.  There is also a modest annual fee on my particular card, but, again, I'm overall pretty pleased with the card.  I was also approved with a bad/fair score (~635 TU).

The application process was a breeze.  Second only to my experience with Capital One's interface and timeframe.  I had my card in hand within a week of applying and my decision was within 30 seconds of filling out the online form.

I received a 2x CLI after 7 months as advertised.  I wish there were a way to request a CLI but I'm happy enough just using what I have right now and waiting for an additional increase since I'm no longer in the middle of an emergency.

The biggest positive bit going for this card is the fact that payments are applied almost immediately.  Most of the time it's a single business day turnaround time but never more than 2 or 3 business days.  I have also made multiple payments within a billing period with no ill effects (some other cards will cut you off after 1 or 2 payments and make you wait).

The lack of rewards isn't really a big concern as I mostly use this card as a catch-all for purchases that fall outside of my rewards categories on other cards.  I mostly use my Merrick Visa for nominal expenditures to keep the account open.  There are, however, deals listed on their website when you log in to their portal.  Most are pretty useless ($4 off a cruise, e.g.) but occasionally there's a decent 20-25% off online shoes, clothing or kitchen wares that make it a no-brainer to throw those charges on the card.  I encourage anyone with this card to look into those perks at least periodically.

I haven't had any reason to contact customer service so I have to give that a neutral rating (since I can't abstain from rating).

All told, I think the only thing holding me back from giving it a higher rating is the lack of a CLI request protocol.  But, since they never promised any such thing I can't really hold it against Merrick for not offering something they never claimed to offer.  I would consider this a very good all-purpose card for those looking for an unsecured Visa and maybe don't have perfect credit.

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May 11, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

same exact thing happened to me, I sent payments out 4/28, I check my balance 5/9 which was my due date they claim they didn't receive my mo yet, but my other credit account, received theirs 5/4, so I made a payment over the phone for the minimum of 35, I check the 10th looking for my 100, still not applied, called cust serv again asked the rep if she could check to see and make sure my money order wasnt misapplied to someone else account, and this rep was rude and synical,I ask for her name she says dj1, i ask for a supervisor, she said she was a supervisor, i ask for a manager, she says there are no managers i hung up and in addition my $35 wasn't even posted, checked again, 5/11, and now I see my $35pymnt and they show my $100 payment as a credit, I can't wait to pay they remaining balance off and close this account, it looks like they're trying more to hurt me than help me, and make money off the interest in the mean time

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May 05, 2017
fist review
Anonymous Account Holder

This is my first review regarding my Merrick bank credit card, I am not holding back any stars bc at this point I have only positive things to say. I have had this card for about one month. We received a pre-approval letter in the mail and this was the highest credit limit My husband has been offered as he is new to building his credit, The card came in the mail very quickly and we were not charged a fee for adding a second card. As much as I did not want to we ended up maxing out the card right away bc we could not afford to pay for my husbands new glasses otherwise. Had no problems completing the transaction which is usually the case with credit cards but just thought I'd add that. My most positive experience so far was when I called their customer service line with questions about making my first payment. Before applying for this card I had read reviews where people had made payments early and had not had them count towards their months minimum payment due and were marked late. So I called to get clarification a week or so before my payment is due. I didn't have to wait on hold for any length of time I got through to a live person right away after entering my accouint information and pushing 0 . The gentleman I talked to was very patient and polite to me, he explained when my bill cycle date was and that I should always make my payment between my bill cycle end date and my payment due date for it to count as on time. He also explained that as long as I make my payment by midnight estern time on the due date it would count as on time even if it takes a few days for the funds to be available in my account. I greatly appreciate that bc some places like my Utilties company for instance take nearly a week to process the payment and then it's considered as late. I know this was a long reveiw but after reading some negative reviews and so far having a pleasent experience I wanted to leave a positive reveiw. I will come back and leave another once I have had the card for two years and see how my experience has been at that point.

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May 04, 2017
great card for rebuikding
twostickmack Account Holder

I like merrick bank.they took a chance on me when no one else would,and they have done everything they said they would.Ive had it nearly 2 years now.3 automatic increases.thanks merrick bank !!

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May 02, 2017
Cancelled Credit Card for Inactivity.
Anonymous Account Holder

I had a credit card with this bank for nearly 11 years.  I always paid more than the minimum when due and the credit line was at $5000 for the last 4 or 5 years.  I paid off my balance due in January 2016, and had not used it since that time.  Then without any prior notice or warning to use the card it was closed solely due to inactivity and unrelated to your credit history with them or others according to the letter they sent me.  The letter further stated "Your account will not be reopened."  I called to speak to a supervisor who confirmed that the account was being closed and there was nothing I could do about it even though the only reason was inactivity.  MY RESPONSE WAS I COULD LET OTHER CUSTOMERS OR PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMERS HOW POORLY THEY TREAT GOOD CUSTOMERS.  I can only imagine how they treat customers who fall behind in payments.  Probably better, because they can collect late fees and high interest rates.


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Apr 24, 2017
No problems here
LadeeGee58 Account Holder

I have been reading thru the negative as well as the positive reviews on this card. I have come to the conclusion that the majority of negative reviews stem from ppl not fully reading the terms and conditions of usage on this card and that many of them are in a great hurry to max out their cards smh. However, I have had this card for close to seven months now and I have not had any problems. I am hoping that Merrick will double my limit as promised in their mailer. I will not use my card if and when it happens, because I am trying to bring my utilization down. Kudos to those positive reviewers and keep up the good work. We all are trying to "clean up what we messed up" on our journey to credit wellness.

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Apr 20, 2017
kgemimi Account Holder

I had this credit card for over 12 years.  I hadn't used it in a couple of years and they all of a sudden closed my account with NO notification that it would be closed due to inactivity.  Not a very good way to treat a good customer.  Very disappointed.  This will make my credit score go down, decreasing my "available credit."

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Apr 19, 2017
Very good card
LadeeGee58 Account Holder

The Merrick Bank "Double Your Limit" Visa card is a very good product. I have had no issues with them, the mobile app or making payments. I am just waiting to see if my credit line ($700) will actually be doubled to $1400. I have made my payments in a timely fashion, although I did get close to maxing out the card because I hit a wall during the holidays last year. I also like the fact they offer FICO8 scores and payment history within the app. If and when my limit is doubled, I will not use the card unless it is a dire situation. This card has helped open doors of more credit for me and I am very grateful for the second chance.

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Apr 19, 2017
One messsed banking system !
danenguyen Account Holder

Was making my payments on time only the last time I had switched my checking to chase n the payment got reversed ( note : the balance was not even due yet) . So they put a block on my account .. called n asked them why ? They said due to the reversal payment ( seriously ? ) .. this card seems to b awesome to whoever got their credit f*cked badly .. but for me been there done it .. n back to normal .. I don't need their business I will stick around with my AMEX and Discover

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