Members 1st FCU Reviews
Feb 25, 2017

They stole over $2,000.00 from me and have been making me pay interest monthly on the money they stole.  I have a car loan with them and accidentally found out that they had charged an extra few thousand dollars for "car insurance" even though I had car insurance.  They did not notify me of this at all.  They said they sent me a letter but they never did.  I have online banking and they could have added a message or even called me.  They could have sent me a certified letter as well but that would have been a way to actually contact me.  When I asked a customer service agent why no one contacted me she messed up and said "well then they couldn't have added thousands of dollars without your knowledge".   I have no idea if I'm the only person they have done this to but I'm guessing that this is some kind of common practice.  Disgusting that you would treat customers this way.

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