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Dec 23, 2015
Very easy process. Need 660+ to apply.
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Very easy process. Need 660+ to apply. Does'nt state criteria needed for approval. The pull Equifax only which is a plus. You must submit bank statements,possibily link your bank account,show W2's and last two paystubs. I had a 671 Ex.,675,TU, 674 Eq. During the application process,it was a breeze.I was pre-approved for 15,000 with an APR of 11%. Not bad. Sent in all paperwork and waited for the two deposits to confirm bank account. They came in the next day. As I proceeded to put in the bank deposits online, I recieved an Adverse Denial Letter. WTF...?!? The stated reason in the credit report Adverse Denial was - We do not grant credit to any applicant on the terms and conditions you have requested. I make 178K a Year,My DTI is 20%. Everything is paid on time, Credit utilization around 5%, no recent inquiries, and they pull this garbage. Now I have a hard pull. Beware,I have descent credit with good income. They denied me...Read other reviews online. They are not rated very well.

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Oct 19, 2016
Excellent Experience with a Professional

My wife and I have refinanced a couple times, and this was by far the most professional, straight forward, and easy process.

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