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Jan 11, 2017
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They push thru your loan in 30 days but the first time you are late and fill out hardship papers they keep telling you it will be 30 days to review.. then they say you didn't send in the papers so I had to go to the post office and PROVE they picked up my papers.. 2 weeks later they FINALLY ADMIT we got your papers.. but oh you forgot to sign something.. so I send it back in again... they confirm they got .. then call back saying they didn't get it.. then after fussing with them they say sorry we found it.. THEN get a call again we don't have it again!! So after I call OVER 30 times... asking for supervisors to call me back which they Never did!  I request a in person meeting.. get a phone call and they say ok.. we have it all worked out. we will call you THEN the next week get a call saying oh your paperwork is about to expire tomorrow.. so I ask them to fax it to me and operator 3328 says I'm have to get permission to fax it to you and it will still be another 30 days to review your papers. - I said but you just said if it was to expire TOMORROW.. if you fax it to my desk now I will fill it out and resend it TODAY.. she said it's still going to be another 30 days to review it!  I GIVE UP!!  it's been 41 days since I started this "hardship request" and they have accomplised NOTHING TO HELP!  Wish I had never used this company and had my daughter use them for her house mortgage!  DO NOT USE THEM!!

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