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Nov 09, 2017
They called me .
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They call me and said they could do a better deal than what I had. When they could not try to convince me to sign a loan at a higher interest rate telling me what a good deal it was because my closing documents on my original loan were wrong and I was stupid pretty much. I had already talked to RP funding a week before and they told me the deal I had already they could not beat an RP funding is 0% closing cost. Loan Depot was trying to charge me almost $7,000 in closing cost at a half a percent higher interest rate telling me what a good deal it was for me and kept trying to push that. They don't have no respect for a customer only get that Commission in your pocket. Only because I have mortgage insurance which will fall off and there's did not which if I would have made the payments they want me to make on my mortgage currently it would still have been better off for me to stay with my company. Stay Away from this company as you can tell by their ratings from everybody out is why I commented here so everybody knows the truth

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