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Dec 02, 2016
Happy, then sad...
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The loan went great! Never spoke to anyone on the phone or email and did not have to verify anything with them and within about 5 days, I had the funds in my bank. I paid off my high interest creit cards, my score went up, then  2 1/2 months later they reported my loan on my credit report showing a loan for 14k and my score went WAY DOWN. Bottom line, your score will not go up for long because they eventually report it, so it wont really help your score go up and stay up unitl you pay off the loan in 3 years. Kinda bummed as I was under the impression that they didn't report unless you had a negative or when you pay off the loan, which would be ideal to really raise your credit and keep it up.  Just gotta pay it off sooner then I had originally planned I guess!

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