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Most Helpful Positive Review

Mar 04, 2014
I am beyond impressed!
bergermedecin Loan Holder

I rarely write reviews but I really feel like I will be doing many people who are "in my shoes" a disservice if I don't.  I have only been on Credit Karma for a few weeks but I have been helped a lot by various reviews of credit services. I was looking for a loan to pay down my credit cards and raise my credit score (plus have a single payment at lower interest rate) prior to shopping for a car. Whenever I came across a lender, I would log on to Credit Karma to find reviews or comments made by members about them, and so after being prequalified by Lending Club I did the same thing and found a great deal of negative reviews. To say the least I was discouraged almost to the point of not taking the loan but then I decided since they were not likely to do a hard pull (learned that also thanks to this forum), I don't have much to lose, I might as well try. I am glad I made that decision. My loan request was for 4000, I got an interest rate of 10.99 and an APR of 13.84% (36-month term, score 680 according to LC). My loan got fully funded in about 30 hours, and it was so much fun watching that process. The most impressive part of the deal is that verification of my email and bank account were the only requirements and those happened within 24 hours. Soon after the loan was fully funded, loan status changed to "approved" and a few minutes after that to "issued". I received an email from Lending Club informing me that the money had been electronically transferred to my account and that was it! No phone calls to or from Lending Club, no faxes, no paperwork. Total time from application to issuing of the loan was only 36 hours and it was so effortless! Probably some of those who wrote negative reviews might have had genuine reasons to do so but my experience makes me conclude things may have changed for the better or borrower related factors may be partly responsible for at least some of the negative cases (like false information on application, etc), or both. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Aug 15, 2012

 Loan was FULLY funded and after all personal information was submitted, LC decided that my Debt on my credit cards were too high. Hello?? Is this not what the personal debt consolidate loan was for in the first place. Just a waste of time, effort, and energy.

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Jun 26, 2016
Waste of time

I was PRE APPROVED thru CK for $18,000 36-month loan, decided to complete application.  Immediately denied and a new hard hit on my credit for nothing.  Credit scores 690 TU / 710 EQ, $115,000K income.  Only neg is a bankruptcy 5 years ago, all accounts with on-time payments since then.  What a waste of time.

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Jun 26, 2016
Beyond grateful!

I applied through CK because my approval odds were Good. Had a steady TU score of 710 and EQ 711. Transunion had 3 inquiries , Equifax had 2. I also have zero derogatory marks and One account Closed in collections. My overall credit usage was 34% , but I have about 26,000 in credit cards, so to me it's pretty high. The application process was so easy I can't believe it took me this long to apply!! I read many reviews and finally decided to apply. Annual income is 31,000 , no rent. I can't believe the only step for me to continue with the application was an Email Verification! I immediately verified my email, and with in the following two days I had an email stating my loan was approved! Only asked for 5,600 because this is my first personal loan. Want to see how this works out for me first. The email said I would get notified when my loan would transfer to my bank, and I received that email the very next day. With funds showing in my account hours later! The whole process from applying to receiving funds was 4 days! Thank you so much lending club!!! I'm definitely going to recommend to everyone in need!!! 

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Jun 25, 2016

Best  experience ever! Easy process, loan approved, just waiting on my back to release the funds... Lending Club is highly recommended

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Jun 25, 2016
Streamlined personal loan A+
myronjbalsac Loan Holder

Applied online and uploaded documents. Was shown my rate and terms. I patiently waited as I had read that it could some time take a few weeks if necessary to facilitate the loan. Approximately 3 weeks later I was advised that the loan had been funded and that the funds would be transfered soon. Funds were transfered to my bank within the next couple of business days. Nothing changed with regards to rates or payments. I found it to be a very smooth process! Just have to be patient.

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Jun 25, 2016
wcwitherspoon Loan Holder

Process was ok, not cumbersome.  But really, just ok.  I didn't recall seeing a "processing fee"/document fee disclosure and it seems rather prudent to tell appicants that their loans will actually be less that what you're applying for ($300 in fees).  Repaying a loan amount that includes such a high price in fees seems it should be more clear & not buried in a fine print; repaying an amount  not of a loan that you don't actually receive is ridiculous.

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Jun 25, 2016
Did exactly as advertised .

Went online on June 12th. Got approved for various loans

at good rates. Decided on the 36 month for 18,000. Clicked get loan and ll was good. Only asked me to verify e-mail address. June 17th received e-mail loan was approved and funded. June 20th the funds were deposited in my bank account .

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Jun 25, 2016

Hi, Lewiscwsce, glad you were happy with your experience!

Jun 25, 2016
Wonnypp Loan Holder


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Jun 25, 2016

Hi, Wonnypp, we're sorry to hear that you had this experience. We want to connect but don't have a way to reach you. Could you please call our Member Support line at 888-596-3157 or send an email to with a number or email address where we can reach you? Our hours are 6am to 5pm PST, Monday through Saturday.

Jun 24, 2016
satisfied12 Loan Holder

Excellent communication, very professional staff, absolutely satisfied with Lending Club, wonderful experience and timely results.

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Jun 25, 2016

Hi, satisfied12, glad we were able to assist!

Jun 24, 2016
Just the boost I needed
lcai Loan Holder

Last month I appled to Lending and that time I had a credit score of 600 and was using 80% of my available credit card limits as well as paying on 2 extremly high interest loans.  Lending Club approved me for a loan that helped me pay off both of my high interest loans as well as paying down my credit cards to zero balances, yay!  Within a couple of weeks my credit score improved to 634.  Not all 3 credit bureaus have updated yet with all my newly paid off information so I know I'll be even closer or maybe even meeting my credit score goal of 700+ within the next 30-60 days.  I wish I knew about Lending Club and Credit Karma years ago.  The application process was very smooth, customer service professional, and the funds arrived in my bank account in less than a week.  

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Jun 25, 2016

Hi, lcai, glad we were able to assist!

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Lending Club is an online peer to peer financial community that works to match approved borrowers with investors. The online application process makes applying for a personal loan quick and convenient. Available loan types vary from debt consolidation to special events loans. Loan amounts range from $1,000 to $40,000 with fixed monthly rates. Borrower and investor support is available online or by phone.

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