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Mar 04, 2014
I am beyond impressed!
bergermedecin Borrower

I rarely write reviews but I really feel like I will be doing many people who are "in my shoes" a disservice if I don't.  I have only been on Credit Karma for a few weeks but I have been helped a lot by various reviews of credit services. I was looking for a loan to pay down my credit cards and raise my credit score (plus have a single payment at lower interest rate) prior to shopping for a car. Whenever I came across a lender, I would log on to Credit Karma to find reviews or comments made by members about them, and so after being prequalified by Lending Club I did the same thing and found a great deal of negative reviews. To say the least I was discouraged almost to the point of not taking the loan but then I decided since they were not likely to do a hard pull (learned that also thanks to this forum), I don't have much to lose, I might as well try. I am glad I made that decision. My loan request was for 4000, I got an interest rate of 10.99 and an APR of 13.84% (36-month term, score 680 according to LC). My loan got fully funded in about 30 hours, and it was so much fun watching that process. The most impressive part of the deal is that verification of my email and bank account were the only requirements and those happened within 24 hours. Soon after the loan was fully funded, loan status changed to "approved" and a few minutes after that to "issued". I received an email from Lending Club informing me that the money had been electronically transferred to my account and that was it! No phone calls to or from Lending Club, no faxes, no paperwork. Total time from application to issuing of the loan was only 36 hours and it was so effortless! Probably some of those who wrote negative reviews might have had genuine reasons to do so but my experience makes me conclude things may have changed for the better or borrower related factors may be partly responsible for at least some of the negative cases (like false information on application, etc), or both. 

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Apr 06, 2017
24% interest on 670 credit score
tn1974 Borrower

Thank goodness I just paid off my loan with them and let me tell you, this was a bad deal to even get a loan. I had a credit score of 670 and applied for and was approved for a $12,600 loan through lending club. I wanted to consolidate my credit card dept and lower my monthly payments. BIG MISTAKE. When I clicked to get this loan it say APR of 5.6% I thought that is what I got. NOPE it was $12,600 at 24.49% interest rate and a 29.19% APR for 36 months. This was higher than my credit card payments. I didn't see that small print until after I already paid the credit card companies with this loan. My payments to Lending Club were $495 a month only $240 went to principal. So, in that first month, I immediately tried to think of a way out of this fiasco so I went to my Captial One Credit card and asked them about a interest free period and they increased my credit limit to 11,400 with 0% interest for 18 months. Well I owed Capital one money so I didn't have that full amount available, but I did transfer $10,997.59 to Lending Club and they put $10,755.47 toward principal and $242.12 toward interest. If you make additional payments, like I did you still owe for the next month you cannot skip a month. This left me with a $1,108.37 principal balance. Well I wanted to get rid of this rip off company and finally get my finaces under control. So I got a home equity line of credit through Neiborhs Credit Union (I SHOULD HAVE DONE THIS FIRST).  I went to Lending Club and got the amount of my payoff, well the payoff date was supose to be good through the 13th of April but nope it wasn't, I sent them what I "thought" was the payoff according to them online, but nope I still owed another $57.00 I called Lending Club and they told me, in order to get a "accurage" pay off you have to call them. So finally as of today April 6th, 2017. I am no longer a slave to Lending Club and their out ragous interest rate. 

If you need a loan, and you have a 660 score or higher go to a credit union or even a bank. Neighbors Credit Union gave me $15,000 credit line with 5% and its a 15 year loan which means, the $98 I am paying Neighbors can be paid off in the same time frame as Lending Club and it would be less interest and less money over all but..I can also take out from the line of credit if I need to, rather than putting it back on my credit cards.  

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These reviews were written by current and former borrowers in the last year.

Jun 23, 2017
Personal loan for consolidation.
angedavis Borrower

Loan had a much lower interest rate than credit card debt.

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Jun 23, 2017
Fast and easy.
Ching808 Borrower

Customer services were outstanding. Awesome support.

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Jun 23, 2017
No other loan is as easy.
Jelmer1 Borrower

Quick response and approval.

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Jun 23, 2017
The easiest and painfree loan process.
SMD17 Borrower

The referral to the Lending Club through Credit Karma provided reassurance that the process would be easy and painless...and it was. 

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Jun 23, 2017
Credit card payoff
Billy498 Borrower

I applied for a loan because credit karma suggested that a loan would be better than credit card interest. Process took about 8 days and when approved money was deposited directly into the account I have registered with. Fees were explained in beginning and was subtracted from loan. Also contacted lending club about quicker payoff. They responded same Day notifying me that there was no penalty and would be welcomed. Thats why I gave them 5 stars. I'll be using them from now on for any loan needs. 

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Jun 23, 2017
A very easy and convenient process.
bak110910 Borrower

A very easy and convenient process.

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Jun 23, 2017
Credit Card Consolidation Loan

Very quick and simple process! I would definitely recommend Lending Clud to anyone looking to consolidate bills into one easy payment, this has made paying down my debt so much simplier! I already feel like so much stress has been relieved...thank you Lending Club :) One tip - if you are married I recommend checking your offered rate individually and as a joint application...we received a very good rate for our joint application.

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Jun 23, 2017
Great loan process
Robert8319 Borrower

From start to finish this company provided the easiest process to apply for a loan.  The ability to provide the documentation on my time line was a bonus.  The customer service people that I spoke with were very professional and knowledgeable of the product.  I highly recommend this product.

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Jun 23, 2017
Took over a month from start to finish
Cindyshu Borrower

This loan took over a month from the time I initially applied for it until I actually received the money. I did get the amount that I had requested but I feel that it took entirely to long to get it. And way too many "teaser" emails!!

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Jun 23, 2017
Quick and Easy
Babz311 Borrower

The application was quick and easy and within a week I had my funds!  Great experience!

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