Langley FCU Reviews
Apr 20, 2017
Be aware of the service after the sale.

Be aware of the service after the sale. It can cost you much more than a lower interest rate could save you.

A low rate on an auto loan started my affiliation with Langley Federal Credit Union. It was not worth it. The errors with my account began immediately. They never notified me of my loan account number or repayment terms. I had to call them after a month to set up a payment. I set up an auto pay from another credit union.  There is a 4-day lag between the two credit unions from when the payment is withdrawn to when it posts. The auto pay was set up from my Langley online account, not the other credit union. What is Langley doing with my money in the four business days between when they withdraw it and when they post it? Langley employees told me it is not even visible to their own employees.

When I changed my auto pay amount, Langley disregarded the deleted original payment and began taking both amounts from my originating account. Then they told me they could not return the monies mistakenly taken for four days, and only then to deposit it into my Langley savings account, where I had to go into a branch to withdraw because I still don't have an ATM card from them (after 9 months of opening the account). Twice. Two months in a row this has happened. The second time I watched for the posting. Again, both amounts were withdrawn from my originating account. I went to a Langley FCU branch in Norfolk, VA, to recover my monies. Again, they said they didn't have it. This was three days after it had been deducted from my other credit union's account. On the fourth day I could see where it had been posted to my auto loan online so I called the Langley FCU for a reversal. They told me that, despite what the manager at the Wards Corner branch on Granby Road in Norfolk, VA, had told me yesterday, I would have to come in to a branch to get my money. No-one can explain how any of these errors came to pass, nor can they offer any reassurances that it won't happen again.

I am moving the loan today. 

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