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Langley Federal Credit Union (LFCU)

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Dec 30, 2013
A Solid Company that wants solid custome
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been a customer for over 40 years. They don't always have the best rates but I do believe that they just try to represent their share holders the best they can.  I am totally satisfied.

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Feb 18, 2014
Go to a Bank or another Credit Union.
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been a customer with LFCU since 1975 and find their financial rates outragous compared to other financial sources. I have never missed a payment as I use auto-pay and have a good credit rating however they still charge 1 percentage point more that other CU's and refuse to lower their rate. I am paying off what little I own them, close my accounts and never do business with them again.

I have a credit card that has 7.4% APR and will continue using it for my purchases as they appreciate your business. LFCU is big business and doesn't care about the civilian of military customers other than to rape them as long as they can. Their service SUCKS.

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Jul 25, 2016
Agresssive and Holtile
Anonymous Account Holder

Management plays dirty underhanded Louisiana Politics under the table. Working enviroment is agressive and hostile, lots of yelling and accusations are the norm.

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Jun 05, 2016
I have been a member since 2007
elrie1 Account Holder

This has been the best bank i have ever been involved with, rates are great. Customer service is not too great.But who cares when you are saving alot of money,even with a low score you can get good rates.

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May 12, 2015
Definition of a nightmare!
Kurtrva Account Holder

The worst mistake of my financial life has been a car loan through this bank. The customer service is better at DMV! The call center is incredibly understaffed so expect long wait times no matter when. Be incredibly careful switching insurance companies because their incompetent partner Allied Solutions, will bill you an alarming amount for CPI insurance, and then leave it to you to do all of the legwork to prove you have insurance. Seriously guys, if I can save one person from going through the headache I have this post will be worthwhile! 

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Mar 14, 2015
Anonymous Account Holder

This is the worst bank I have ever used. I have a motorcycle loan with them, and they have screwed up my credit score, make up fake charges, the customer service has no clue what they are doing, are very unprofessional.. I could keep going. I tell every one I know to avoid them. STAY AWAY!

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Mar 01, 2015
Anonymous Account Holder

I have a car loan through Langley and currently i have the automatic withdrawal set up to pay my bill on time every month. My car payment is only 180 a month and i have well over enough money in the account and the payment was not taken out. They arent open on Sundays which makes it even more of a inconvience to get things handled. I always have a problem with them. The customer service is rude and they love to play the blame game on my other bank. I hate them. I can't wait till this loan is up. I am never ever reccomending them to anyone. STAY FAR AWAY.

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Nov 21, 2014
Worst Ever.
Anonymous Account Holder

I am currently on the phone with lfcu and they have the worst customer service ever! They send you back and for forth nobody knows what they're doing and they are all rude! I simply wanted to change the date of my car payment and I had to stay on the phone for 2 hours. If you ever want anything done with convenience for get about it! Don't call or you will get frustrated. You're better off going into a branch and dealing with rude customer serivce face to face because at least youll have a better chance of getting something done. Horrible. Never reccomend. 

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May 12, 2015

Me too! I spend at least 30 minutes on hold every time I call. And the service, my gosh it's horrible.

Nov 11, 2014
Oustanding Customer Service
TheAccountant201 Account Holder

Some of these negative reviews baffle me. I hold several accounts with this credit union and have not only never had an issue, I have found them to go out of the way to be helpful and take care of me as a client. The loan rates alone are worth it to stay with them.

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May 12, 2015

You must work there lol.

Nov 05, 2014
This Bank is awful

I went in to get an account and the place was cold and empty.  The teller told me to go sit in a chair and wait.  20 minutes later, a rather unfriendly banker introduced herself.  After about 45 minutes I was told I was denied because of something on my credit 8 years ago, something I was not aware of and that wasn't on my credit report.  I was told I could still open a savings account but I couldn't transfer money from this bank to another banking account whatsoever.  I was also told that for their debit cards will not stop a payment but will charge an overdraft fee of $30 plus $10 per day that it is not paid for even a penny over on a debit card purchase.  This bank has terrible hours, and a most unfriendly atmosphere.  I got a bad feeling about even opening a savings account with them, since they don't even tell you what their fees are up front.  I have a feeling they are worse than wells fargo and nickle and dime the crap out of you.  I wasted about an hour of my time just to walk away unsatisfied.  This is the worst bank, USAA and Navy federal are both much friendlier and easy to work with.

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Oct 01, 2014
Anonymous Account Holder

I do not understand what card I need to purchase to register my account online as the account is over 10 years old  and have an account number. This an inconvenience. I belong to 3 different financial institutions. Never had to go and purchase a card to register my accounts online. 

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Jul 02, 2014
Above average
Anonymous Account Holder

I have been a member since 1987 and have had overall good experiecnes. The in bank service can be bad at times, but for a member in good credit standing it is a good place to bank, The online bill payment and other online services are convienent an for preimer memers you get free checks, money wires, and other dicounts and perks.

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