Kinecta FCU Reviews
Oct 28, 2017
Kinecta dropped the ball..
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They got greedy and started charging fees on Free Checking. No need for an account from a credit union that doesn't offer a free checking option. They refuse to stay competitive, and don't realize that nearly every other GREAT credit union offers FREE CHECKING. They have lost a customer based on greed. Never late on a payment, paid off the car completely. Perfect credit. Paid off a car note with them where they made a nice chunk of interest payments for the last 5 years. Had a checking and savings as well, but at this point they will never get any more of my business. Poor decision making on their part to milk and dime their customers. Closed my accounts with them because a below par credit union should never charge as much monthly fees as a Nationwide big bank. Disgusting leadership from this organization.

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