Kinecta FCU Reviews
Jan 06, 2017
Was great, but now unacceptable

 I've been a member since '96... They were wonderful for the first 10-15 years and that's why they get a 2 out of five, but service quality has plummeted. Initially I was never charged fees unless I accidentally overdrafted, wired money or other reasonable costs were incurred. Over time they began to nickel and dime me to the point of frustration. Laziness kept me with them despite the decline and the fact that it is nearly impossible to get a human on the phone. Things reached the point of no return when they were unwilling to process a large wire transfer (with plenty of time before the deadline, but needed the next day) - requiring me to give notice that I was coming to the bank the next day to withdraw funds in cash. This was an amount they did not keep on hand, so I was initially told I wouldn't be able to get my funds at all. Then magically the wire became possible after hours of arguing. Today I am trying to be credited back for an accidental significant double payment I made on my Kinecta credit card in November. They have repeatedly promised to credit it back to my savings, but it hasn't happened. I have high hopes that I'll get my money back today, but again hours on the phone. Needless to say, my banking has moved to another bank (City National) with amazing customer service. 

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