Kinecta FCU Reviews
Feb 17, 2017
Worst Bank EVER

I just have a regular business checking account. My debit card is CONSTANTLY blocked for business purchases because they "THINK" it's fraud. Despite the fact that I purchse from this company regularly around the same amount each time.

I also have direct deposit from a retail employer. Despite the fact that I shop there 3-4 times a week, my debit card is blocked AGAIN because they think it's fraud.

Sat on hold for 45 minutes this morning. Never got a return "call-back" even though I was in line for one. So I called them again .... hold for another 34 minutes.

This bank is ridiculous and so not worth the frustration of just randomly having my card blocked .... so not worth it. It's too hard to get a hold of somone for unblocking and then if it happens in the evening or on  a weekend, you're TOTALLLY SCREWED until the next open business day.

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