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Oct 28, 2017
Kinecta dropped the ball..
liljmia Account Holder

They got greedy and started charging fees on Free Checking. No need for an account from a credit union that doesn't offer a free checking option. They refuse to stay competitive, and don't realize that nearly every other GREAT credit union offers FREE CHECKING. They have lost a customer based on greed. Never late on a payment, paid off the car completely. Perfect credit. Paid off a car note with them where they made a nice chunk of interest payments for the last 5 years. Had a checking and savings as well, but at this point they will never get any more of my business. Poor decision making on their part to milk and dime their customers. Closed my accounts with them because a below par credit union should never charge as much monthly fees as a Nationwide big bank. Disgusting leadership from this organization.

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Feb 17, 2017
Worst Bank EVER
Anonymous Account Holder

I just have a regular business checking account. My debit card is CONSTANTLY blocked for business purchases because they "THINK" it's fraud. Despite the fact that I purchse from this company regularly around the same amount each time.

I also have direct deposit from a retail employer. Despite the fact that I shop there 3-4 times a week, my debit card is blocked AGAIN because they think it's fraud.

Sat on hold for 45 minutes this morning. Never got a return "call-back" even though I was in line for one. So I called them again .... hold for another 34 minutes.

This bank is ridiculous and so not worth the frustration of just randomly having my card blocked .... so not worth it. It's too hard to get a hold of somone for unblocking and then if it happens in the evening or on  a weekend, you're TOTALLLY SCREWED until the next open business day.

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Jan 24, 2017
They lost my loan after four years
Anonymous Account Holder

Called twice on January 24th to discuss auto loan account. Spoke with two people. I was told I was not on the account or the loan. I was told for my wife to add me she would have to refinance the loan. The information for the account came up under my name but somehow I was disassociated from the account and loan. I have paid the loan monthly for years. I am the primary borrower.  I had always been on the account and the loan, and they had previously discussed the account with me and accepted payments and set up an online account for me. Now they are stating any paperwork associating me with the account has been misplaced. The burden is on me to prove I am associated with the car that I drive daily, pay monthly, and have discussed multiple times previously.  This lack of paperwork accuracy and the attitude of it's not our problem the merger went so poor and we lost your paperwork is part of larger communication issues in the organization as the employees will attest to.  This is important for sake of good credit history for me, primary borrower, to accurately be listed on a loan that is nearly paid off. 

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Jan 06, 2017
Was great, but now unacceptable
Anonymous Account Holder

 I've been a member since '96... They were wonderful for the first 10-15 years and that's why they get a 2 out of five, but service quality has plummeted. Initially I was never charged fees unless I accidentally overdrafted, wired money or other reasonable costs were incurred. Over time they began to nickel and dime me to the point of frustration. Laziness kept me with them despite the decline and the fact that it is nearly impossible to get a human on the phone. Things reached the point of no return when they were unwilling to process a large wire transfer (with plenty of time before the deadline, but needed the next day) - requiring me to give notice that I was coming to the bank the next day to withdraw funds in cash. This was an amount they did not keep on hand, so I was initially told I wouldn't be able to get my funds at all. Then magically the wire became possible after hours of arguing. Today I am trying to be credited back for an accidental significant double payment I made on my Kinecta credit card in November. They have repeatedly promised to credit it back to my savings, but it hasn't happened. I have high hopes that I'll get my money back today, but again hours on the phone. Needless to say, my banking has moved to another bank (City National) with amazing customer service. 

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