InTouch CU Reviews
Aug 15, 2017

They do not have high standards of professionalism. A had a motorcycle loan with them several years ago and due to their incompetence I ended up with two past due month flags on my credit file. Interesting when it was an auto debit and my payment was deducted in these months. They had added a fee as they stated my insurance had lapsed (a requirement of their loan), but they did not send me any notification that they were levying an additional fee. It was actually the additional fee they classed as late (though they email, called or mailed no notification to me. I found out after they fact. Needless to say i paid the loan off shortly thereater and will never do business with them again. When i did fax them (had to be faxed) proof of insurance i had to do it three times as they kept stating they had not received it. Very annoying experience.

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