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Aug 05, 2016
Pure Greed!
Anonymous Account Holder

ITCU is all about FEES!!!  They slip in fees whenever they can.  If I write over 2 checks per month, it's a 50 cent fee on top of monthly checking fees of $5.  No senior citizen rate and no reaching out to accommodate.  EXTREMELY RUDE!!!  I also cashed out $100 from my checking and they only gave me $80. Went back to the bank and of course, they denied it.  CROOKS!   Go anywhere but here!!!

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May 24, 2016
Ruined my credit with their ineptitude
jason2483 Account Holder

Used EDS Federal Credit Union and stayed with them when they became InTouch.  I had an account with them for 28 years. They made errors like failing to perfect liens on vehicles when I financed them. On one occasion, I wanted to exercise the skip a payment option on my car loans.  They instead reported to the credit reporting agencies that my loans were "Under repayment plan" and completely obliterated my credit score for the next 9 months. I had to communicate with top management to get it fixed. The damage is unrecoverable even 2 years later because it left me unable to get credit when I needed to move! Avoid at all costs! 

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Apr 25, 2016
Waste of time to stay with them
Prav888 Account Holder

My one of worst experience with Credit union. I have another credit union membership from past 12 years and we moved out of the State, So thought work with InTouch Credit union.

Opened the account in Dec 2015 with a small amount money. They never said about monthly statement will deduct $3 when I opened, I am an IT guy and I am using email options for my all accounts to save the paper print. I am not talking about $3 but this also one, their team is not trained properly to explain main things.

Second biggest thing is.. We deposited a check in other shared branch Credit union. After the check deposited I called the customer service and requested to verify about funds when will be available. I called on 4/19/2016, they said my funds will be available on 4/21/2016. I went to the bank and requested a cashier check to pay my 401K Loan amount. Cahier called her manager for help. Finally Manager saying, this is your new account and funds will be available after 7 days. The manager looking at me like a thief and she is not a polite person too. I requested to verify the check was cleared or not, she refused to check anything. I called my friend and verified deposited check cashed from his account. He said the funds withdrawn from his account. I was really upset in the bank and walked away. I spent more than an hour to reach bank and other stuff. If they say same thing when I called on 4/19, definably I don't go to Branch and insulted by their staff.

I called their customer service number again and discussed about this after 35 min they said they are not able help me get funds available. I requested to speak with their relation manager, they kept me 15 min on the hold and not responding. I disconnected the call and called again, able to catch a manager and she is very helpful. I explained the condition why I am looking a cashier check ASAP. She tried her best to help me. They requested check from shared branch credit union and other bank not able to help to verify the funds. She called me back after an hour and requested if I am able get check from my friend. We sent image but no response. Today got an email from her and saying that, they are not able to verify the funds.

I requested in email to verify my check cleared from other bank, No response yet.

Finally, it's waste of time to work with them. They are not helpful and they don't have well trained staff.

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