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Jun 19, 2017
Idaho Central Credit Union is HIGH RISK
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Just an FYI - We moved here from Alaska and our bank up there would always notify us with texting and phone calls to verify charges that seemed like they might be fraudulent, e.g. charges made in states where we were not at.  We never lost a cent.  They have 24/7 phone call, LIVE person, support and can block charges and cards the instant that you notify them.  HERE, at IDAHO CENTRAL CREDIT UNION, we had several fraudulent charges occur a couple of months ago ... NO notification to us occurred in any form, but all but one were able to be blocked.  The charges were all over the country, but were small.  It just happened AGAIN, this time to the tune of about $1000 ... and AGAIN, NO NOTIFICATION OF ANY KIND.  And ICCU does NOT have 24/7 support ... you have to wait for normal business hours in order to intercept anything ... we watched while the $1000 got charged on Saturday morning, and then just cleared this morning ... taken out of our account ...NO way to intercept, NO notification.  Listen - this is NOT customer service and NOT a good bank ... If you are there, take your money out and go somewhere else.  We are transferring all of our money back into our Alaska account this morning... again, we have to wait for the bank to open before we can do it.  If you LIKE HAVING MONEY STOLEN - STAY WITH IDAHO CENTRAL CREDIT UNION....

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