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Feb 22, 2015
Love this credit union!
kitten2008 Account Holder

I have never had anything but amazing experiences with this credit union.  They always have a solution for my problems (if I have any)  and willing to do whatever they need to in order to get the situation settled.  

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Most Helpful Negative Review

Oct 01, 2015
brokermike Account Holder

After more than 25 years of combined membership, my wife and I are done. We have spent more time on the phone trying to fix so many problems and getting the run around, that we're leaving today. They don't care about the members at all, it's 100% about the money with them. 

Mountain West Credit Union

Cap ED Credit Union

Westmark Credit Union

Les Bois Credit Union

All better choices. 

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Jun 19, 2017
Idaho Central Credit Union is HIGH RISK
IdahoIndependent Account Holder

Just an FYI - We moved here from Alaska and our bank up there would always notify us with texting and phone calls to verify charges that seemed like they might be fraudulent, e.g. charges made in states where we were not at.  We never lost a cent.  They have 24/7 phone call, LIVE person, support and can block charges and cards the instant that you notify them.  HERE, at IDAHO CENTRAL CREDIT UNION, we had several fraudulent charges occur a couple of months ago ... NO notification to us occurred in any form, but all but one were able to be blocked.  The charges were all over the country, but were small.  It just happened AGAIN, this time to the tune of about $1000 ... and AGAIN, NO NOTIFICATION OF ANY KIND.  And ICCU does NOT have 24/7 support ... you have to wait for normal business hours in order to intercept anything ... we watched while the $1000 got charged on Saturday morning, and then just cleared this morning ... taken out of our account ...NO way to intercept, NO notification.  Listen - this is NOT customer service and NOT a good bank ... If you are there, take your money out and go somewhere else.  We are transferring all of our money back into our Alaska account this morning... again, we have to wait for the bank to open before we can do it.  If you LIKE HAVING MONEY STOLEN - STAY WITH IDAHO CENTRAL CREDIT UNION....

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Apr 27, 2017
Absolutely Fabulous
Jordan208 Account Holder

They are extremely kind, and easy to work with. I opened a account with them and then a few months later applied for credit card. Even though I had some major issues in the recent past they worked with me and approved me same day, with a decent rate. For a credit union they are extremely innovative. 

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Mar 21, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

Great marketing and image but their loan rates are only competitive on NEW stuff. Their interest bearing accounts aren't even close to competitors.

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Mar 21, 2017
Amazing customer service and rates!
Skyfall13 Account Holder

I've had multiple checking and savings accounts open with ICCU for years and just got a credit card through them. Unlike most of the other reviews here I have had AMAZING customer service with all my accounts. I recently decided to apply for a fixed rate credit card from them online and was approved with a very low rate, despite having a short credit history (I'm only 20) and their on the phone representatives were very helpful and courteous, especially when compared with my two other credit card banks customer service. When there was an unauthorized withdrawal from paypal that caused an overdraft fee, I called and they immediately cleared up the situation and refunded me the entire overdraft amount; this situation has happened to me a few times and every time they have been very helpful and refunded me the full amount. They did an overhaul on their app last summer and it's very easy to use and straightforward now, I'm very satisfied with my experience using them!

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Feb 09, 2017
Easy and helpful
Fordman8888 Account Holder

We have had many auto loans and credit cards through ICCU and have loved each person we have worked with. Its nice to be treated as a person not a number for a change!

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Jan 25, 2017
Anonymous Account Holder

They treat you by appearance. If you don't want to be Judged by what you look like when you walk through the doors then find another Bank.

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Nov 06, 2016
Online and mobile banking is a joke!!!!
Anonymous Account Holder

If you do all your business at the actual bank then they are great. If you want to use computer or mobile app then I would look somewhere else where you can actually get things done with out a hassle

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Oct 07, 2016
Poor service, bad attitudes
flyinhawaiian968 Account Holder

Used ICCU for my home loan, initial process went well and the person I worked with was on it every step of the way. Fast forward one year, I get my first annual escrow account disclosure agreement in the mail. Its impossible to follow their numbers and cryptic wording at best, but I find the line that states (and I'm copying word-for-word here)

"this means you have a shortage of 268.48. this shortage may be collected from you over a period of 12 months unless the shortage is less than 1 month's deposit, in which case we have the additional option of requesting payment within 30 days. We have decided to collect it over 12 months".

No biggie, I have owned 3 homes prior to this and this just means city/county taxes have gone up and my initial escrow doesn't cover it any more. I decide to make the payment directly to the bank, separately from my normal monthly payment (which shouldn't change since I'm making payment for the shortage in the escrow account), to take care of the shortage.

The next month I receive a call stating that I haven't made my payment and they want to know why! I have to jump through hoops for them to find out where my auto payment (from my other bank) went. Two days later they realize that my payment was short and was put on hold for no reason. After lots of arguing with several people, they conclude that the payment I made only covered the previous year's shortage and not the following year's new amount! Well, state that on your letter in clear wording and I would have paid that amount!

No problem, its all cleared up, and I'm assured this won't happen again. Yeah right.

Its now the 2nd year, taxes for my county were raised for school funding and a new library, I get my letter stating that escrow is once again short, but its been a year and I've forgotten about the stupidity I dealt with. Again, not wanting my monthly payments to go up, I go through their cryptic letter, and determine that I'm short 257.66 this year. I make the payment, and again I'm met with a phone call from ICCU about non-payment of my loan a month later.

I explain to the guy that this has happened last year, and I'm getting tired of this. He tells me its my job to find where my payment is, and I promptly tell him if he wants the payment, he needs to get off his a ss and find it, as my bank account clearly shows it was made, giving him the confirmation number from my bank. Next day he apologizes, says he doesn't know why it happened but payment was in-limbo and not posted any where. I now have to do his job and explain to him what happened last year, he's apologetic about it, but explains that the amount I paid to escrow, again, doesn't cover the amount for this year. At this point, I'm hot under the collar, and I make him pull a copy of the letter that was sent to me, and ask him to find the amount printed on that paper which agrees with the new number he's telling me over the phone! He says it isn't stated on the letter and he'll send this info to the correct department to make these changes, he also says if I don't mind, he wants to transfer me to another department so I can explain this to them so they understand why the letter is an issue. Fine, I'll do that for you.

On comes a new guy, and this guy seems to have a full-on attitude, and has the audacity to tell me that "since this happened last year, you should have known better than to send a payment in"!

I explained to him that its obvious you are not interested in fixing the issues on your end, but just putting the blame on someone else, and I will not do business with a company who can't even write a simple letter that states 4 things:

Original escrow payment: $xx.xx

New escrow payment: $xx.xx

Amount short from last year: $xx.xx

New amount needed to keep payments the same:$xx.xx

He laughs and says that "you do what you feel you need to do", so I did! Just closed with my other bank with a lower rate and no points, as well as waived fees. ICCU is done for me, and I'll make sure to let as many people know exactly how I was treated while trying to give them money up front!

They would probably still have my accounts with them, as well as my mortgage, had they not acted foolishly.

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Aug 30, 2016
Bad Bank
Anonymous Account Holder

Just like any other bank, out for your money. Then they use that money to grab the attention of others with flashy giveaways.

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Jul 31, 2016
Anonymous Account Holder

This credit union is two faced. Everyone that I talked to was nice until I filed for bankruptcy. Then I was treated like a criminal even though I still paid on a car loan that had been discharged. Then they closed my account and took my money.

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