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Apr 19, 2016
Waste of my time and money
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Applied for a mortgage took them 2 months to give me a response of a denial. This all could have been avoided and my time and my money could have not been wasted. The bank approved us for the loan but when they sent it out to their PMI Insurance Underwriters they denied us. After calling them over and over to find out what the issue was they told us the PMI Insurance Underwriters would not take my wife salary because she work for a temp agency for only a year. This is understandable and I wasn't aware but this all could have been avoided the time and money if they told us that from the start. After I brought this to their attention why did that happen they apologized and said loan processor overlooked it and so did their underwriter. They said they would refund us are appraisal and some other fees still waiting to get that money. Very unorganized and unprofessional Bank wouldn't recommend using them.

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