Hudson Valley FCU Reviews
Dec 20, 2017
Good Card, Good Customer Service
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First of all, I would like to preface this post by saying Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union (HVFCU) is an awesome bank. I would rate the bank 5/5.

The credit card is 'good' for me. I applied for this card during the process of rebuilding my credit (from low 400's to my current score in the 650's). I applied for the secure version of this card and I was approved. The process was quick and easy. I put down $200 for a $200 credit limit.

The card is fine; a nice feature HVFCU added was notifications via email whenever your card is used for something. 

Where I docked this card a single star was from the website interface/app interface. The HVFCU banking app (which is the same app used for this credit card) is a pretty good mobile application to manage your bank accounts, but I just don't like the user interface as much for credit card payments. For example, when you want to pay off the credit card balance, the app loads HVFCU's web pages into the app; the mobile experience on paying the bills isn't the greatest (keep in mind, there are no actual problems with the interface; it just isn't as clear or as seamless as say the Citi, Chase, and Capital One apps).

As soon as HVFCU builds in the credit card payments totally in the app (with no browser), I will bump this review to a 5.

Regarding the card, apply with confidence (especially if you are a HVFCU member). You will likely be approved (this was one of the first secured cards I was able to get). The folks at HVFCU are great, and to this end, I'm very happy they offer a credit card to their customers. I'd also give HVFCU 5/5 on their customer service. 

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