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Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union

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Feb 12, 2016
best credit union in this area
Countryman187 Account Holder

I have been a member of the credit union 4 over 35 years. They have improved tremendously over time. There is no charge for checking, plus you get 300 checks per year free, and interest on the checking account as well. The interest isn't much, due to the low interest rates, but I'd rather add a few cents to my account every month than take out dollars to pay them every month. With internet banking online bill pay access to thousands of free ATMs, this is the best credit union I have ever seen, I've talked to other people in different credit unions, and have talked a few into switching over to this one. Great service great hours and new branches keep popping up, so it's never hard to find one!

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Jan 23, 2016
Bunch of crooks
Anonymous Account Holder

My family and I have numerous auto loans with this horrible institution. Every month it's the same thing with insurance not being present. Seems every month I have to call and proff I have insurance. Money is always being added to my loan never goes down even after I pay my payment there excuse we bought insurance on your behalf. And we are talking about figures like 3500.00 for one month of coverage. The payment went from 518.00 a month to 598.00 to 754.00. After it was proven full coverage insurance was present and my account was credited for thousands of dollars at a time the payment never went down. Every time I call they say "we don't have an answer" I can't say if the payment will go down its not my department". Or the best one is "we will have the loan department call you" guess what they never do!! It's a game they play they keep increasing the payment on the consumer to collect more interest. Diffently will not be sad to see this organized crime organization close it's doors. They have to be stopped from stealing from hardworking citizens.

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